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    6 Delightful Buffet Set-ups For A Kiddie Party


    What are buffet ideas for kiddie parties?

    1. Fairytale Dream
    2. Girls and Boys Scouts
    3. Sportsfest
    4. Superhero and Cartoons
    5. Science Laboratory
    6. Carnival and Amusement Park


    Everyone, be it kids or the kids at heart, enjoys a themed party. Planning a kiddie party or any party is not exactly easy work. The decorations, menu, and every little detail in between need to be perfect, especially if a theme is going to be incorporated. Plan the best kiddie themed party with the help of professional services that offer catering in Tagaytay to give your child the most joyous celebration. Here are some of the most delightful themed buffet ideas.


    Fairytale Dream

    Make your daughter feel like the princess she is by having a Disney Princess themed buffet set-up. More than anyone else, you should have an idea of which Disney princess she adores. To be able to execute the themed buffet well, look through the Disney movie to pick up some details about the character and the environment they live in.

    For a Little Mermaid themed party, choose to fill the party place with lots of shells and pearls. You can even opt to serve desserts and other dishes in clam-shaped plates. Another classic example of a Disney Princess themed party is the story of Cinderella. Act like your child’s fairy godmother and turn the buffet table into a carriage like the one Cinderella rode to the grand ball.


    Girls and Boys Scouts

    Girls and Boys Scouts

    For your child with a scout’s heart, choose between a jungle safari, woodland adventure, or a forest camping theme. Take your child’s birthday celebration a notch high with balloon animals decorated around the buffet table. Moreover, fill the space with green synthetic grass and brown cloth to make it look like a real jungle. To make the kids feel like they are virtually in the midst of the jungle, choose to serve kiddie meals in banana leaves. Finally, set up a makeshift bonfire at the center stage as a unique attraction.



    What a delight it would be for young sports fans to find out that there are hoops and scoreboards at their birthday party. A sports fest themed buffet table can contain delightful sweets shaped like soccer balls, basketballs, or other sporting goods. You could also hold a BBQ or a grill party in an open field to feel like you are celebrating with your child after winning a crucial game. Incorporate the appropriate sporting designs to make the birthday celebrant feel like the MVP they are.


    Superhero and Cartoons

    Superhero and Cartoons

    Has your child ever pretended to be Superman, The Flash, or another superhero? Have they acted like Iron Man flying or Spider-Man shooting make-believe webs in the air? Make a birthday party theme inspired by your child’s favorite superhero. For a child, there is nothing like seeing the buffet table filled with delightful dishes and desserts inspired by the costumes of their favorite superhero characters.


    Science Laboratory

    Is your child the kind of kid that conducts experiments in their little hideout? Help them inspire other kids to take an interest in Science as well by having a fun and exciting party. To incorporate the theme into the buffet table, make use of the periodic table of elements, some injections filled with jelly, and plastic light bulbs full of delicious treats. Serve the ice cream with nitrogen to create a mist similar to real-life scientific experiments. You can additionally serve the drinks in plastic beakers or cylinders. Find plastic versions of other chemical apparatuses to serve drinks, dishes, and desserts in.


    Carnival and Amusement Park

    Carnival and Amusement Park

    For inflatables, games, and tableware, a carnival-themed kiddie party is probably one of the easiest to pull off. Several birthday party suppliers offer carnival décor as most birthdays feel like a trip to the amusement park. The buffet table can include a mini Ferris Wheel with different delights sitting on the chairs. Drape the whole buffet table with vine lights to give it a circus-like feel. Ultimately, playing with lights, banners, and the colors of the theme park will give the whole buffet table the carnival feeling.


    Key Takeaway

    When it comes to kiddie parties, you do not have to worry about serving unique dishes. Kids genuinely love the food that they are used to, such as spaghetti. Instead, focus on theme planning and allow professional catering services to perform their magic and carefully curate the best menu for your child. Pull off the best kiddie birthday party and make it one joyous celebration they will never forget.