5 Brunch Wedding Food Catering Ideas

October 29, 2017

What are some of the great ideas for a brunch wedding?

  1. Pancake Bar/Station
  2. Unlimited Scrambled Eggs
  3. Tableside Hash Browns
  4. Crossword Puzzle/Newspaper-themed Placemats
  5. Waffle Wedding Cake


A wedding is one of the most spectacular and momentous occasions anyone can have. In fact, it can be made better with the numerous wedding food catering options you can choose from. When it comes to that, however, the most important aspect to consider for this is none other than theme; and if you wish to make your theme as unique and creative as you want, what better theme to follow for your own wedding reception than brunch?

Brunch is one of the greatest things to ever come into existence, and yes, we are aware of how big fans we are to this kind of feast. There’s just something about this that makes a day worthwhile, whether it be getting the day started or just having your fill of pretty much anything and everything you can get. So, if you wish to incorporate a brunch menu into your wedding food catering, then here are some of the best ideas for you to consider:


Pancake Bar/Station

If your wedding reception is buffet-styled, then you could easily place a station or a bar filled with pancakes. Just image the guest scurrying over there to get their fill of this delicious breakfast item. For sure, all of their mouths will water at the sight of this at your wedding!

Are you planning on doing this on your big day? Then, don’t forget to also fill the bar with various fixings ranging from a variety of fruits, numerous nuts, and even some good, old-fashioned maple syrup (strawberry and chocolate syrups are good too). By doing so, your guests will be able to choose their own toppings for their own pancakes.

Unlimited Scrambled Eggs

Unlimited Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs aren’t really a wedding food catering option; but when it comes to a reception with the brunch theme, it’s no surprise that scrambled eggs will be a big standout among other dishes.

If you’re going to incorporate this particular food into your brunch menu, then make sure that you’re going to fill it to the brim. If possible, you could even include a station, where guests can have their own scrambled eggs with different ingredients of their choosing.

Truly, when it comes to this idea, nothing beats free-flowing scrambled eggs.


Tableside Hash Brown

At this point, you’ve probably heard of numerous tableside servings in certain restaurants, especially in certain wedding receptions. Usually, the dishes being served tableside are dishes like steaks, salads, fish, and others of the sort; but with hash browns as an option for your menu, then chances are, the whole brunch experience will definitely be elevated to a whole new level.

When it comes to this, make sure that your tableside hash brown is equipped with the necessary ingredients, as well as the numerous add-ons you can have with this brunch item. That way, your guests will be able to choose what they want in their hash brown and enjoy it with maximum satisfaction.

Crossword Puzzle and Newspaper-themed Placemats

Crossword Puzzle and Newspaper-themed Placemats

Aside from the aforementioned food ideas, you must also consider what kind of decor you are going to use on your wedding day. Keep in mind that whatever it is must be based from your chosen theme; this will for sure impress all of your guests! With that being said, why not consider using Sunday crossword puzzles and newspapers as placemats as part of your table setting?

This will for sure add on to the appeal of your brunch theme. Plus, you could create your own crossword puzzle for your guests to answer in case they may find themselves getting bored. It is also a good idea for your friends and family to start talking with each other in order to know the correct answer to a question.


A Waffle Wedding Cake

Since the brunch theme is very much apparent in this piece, a wedding cake made from waffles will definitely be one of the highlights of your wedding. Plus, you get to brag about having a really unique – but really yummy – cake for years to come!


Key Takeaway

These 5 spectacular ideas for a brunch wedding reception can definitely give your wedding a marvelous and tasty push. You will definitely impress all of your guests by having them at your wedding. Your big day will surely become a hot topic for a long time!




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