Different Wedding Food Catering Menus Around the World

What are the different wedding catering foods on menus around the world?

  1. Lechon (Philippines) – roasted suckling pig.
  2. Foy Thong (Thailand) – sweet dessert made up of noodles.
  3. Croquembouche (France) – wedding cake made out of cream puffs.
  4. Fruitcake (Britain) – a wedding cake being served at royal weddings in Britain.
  5. Bem Casados (Brazil) – a mini sponge cookie sandwich with a dulce de leche


When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important things to consider is none other than the wedding food catering. After all, the reception is one of the most awaited segments in a wedding besides the ceremony itself; it is the part in the entire celebration where your guests can let loose, indulge, and pretty much enjoy every moment of the event.

With that being said, any wedding in general must have their own variations of a wedding menu. If you’re looking for ideas for your own wedding, here are some examples from all over the world:

Lechon (Philippines)

Source: General’s Lechon

  1. Lechon (Philippines)

Of course, the best way to start this list is none other than with our very own country! The Philippines is one of the most recognizable countries around Asia, especially when it comes to cuisine! If you’re looking for a homegrown touch in your wedding catering menu, then this country is definitely your best bet!

One of the most notable dishes to include in this wedding menu is none other than lechon. The crispy and juicy texture of this dish can really up the indulgence factor for your wedding, which can really make the entire celebration all the more memorable!

  1. Foy Thong (Thailand)

Speaking of Asia, another notable country in this continent is Thailand, a country rich in exotic foods and generally rich cuisine. When it comes to having a menu for your wedding that’s inspired from this country, there’s no other dish that’s more iconic in this country than foy thong.

This dish is a dessert variation of traditional noodles, which in this case, is made from egg yolks and sweet syrup. Serving this in your wedding will symbolize eternal love for the bride and groom, which makes your wedding reception all the more meaningful.

Croquembouche (France)

Source: Taste.com.au

  1. Croquembouche (France)

When it comes to the topic of love and romance, no other country embodies them than vive la France!

France is known for a lot of their desserts, especially when it comes to a wedding. For this, the most important dessert to include for your wedding menu is none other than the cake itself, which is in the form of a dessert called croquembouche.

Croquembouche is a traditional French dessert that consists of a tower of cream puffs. The great thing about serving this in your wedding is you could easily share it with your guests. In most French weddings, the bride and groom share their cake (croquembouche) to their lovely guests, who witnessed their union.

  1. Fruitcake (Britain)

Another European country, where you could get a food idea from, is Britain. The British people definitely have their tricks up their sleeves, especially when it comes to a wedding.

For this, the most important dish to include in the menu is none other than the iconic fruitcake. Besides making a great gift offering, it’s also seen as a sign of nobility and power. For example, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton served fruitcake at their own wedding. If you serve this dish in your wedding, you’ll definitely feel like royalty!

Pro tip: England also loves tea. In fact, this drink is the second most popular drink next to water. For those, who want to have an English wedding, tea would be a great addition to your entire theme. You don’t even have to stick to just one kind, for there are lots of them you could try out.

Bem Casados (Brazil)

Source: Harald.com.br

  1. Bem Casados (Brazil)

This country is known for more than football, as the Brazilians can also definitely showcase their own skills in the kitchen. When it comes to a wedding in this country, one of the most iconic dishes to include is a dessert known as bem casados, which is a mini sponge cookie sandwich with a dulce de leche filling.

One of the best things you can do with this dish in a wedding is give it away to your guests as gifts, as a way of telling them that you are ‘happily married,’ which is also the literal translation of the dessert.


Key Takeaway

 Wedding food inspirations from around the world will certainly give you the excitement you crave for; and with these 5 countries in tow and many others around the globe, you will definitely never run out of ideas for your wedding food catering!

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