Throwback: The Royal Wedding Catering

Royal Wedding Catering

What food was served during the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate?

  1. For the first course, seafood is served as the fish entree
  2. For the second course, lamb is served as the meat entrée
  3. For dessert, a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle and chocolate parfait is served.

2011 was the year when Prince William and Princess Kate tied the knot in one of the most momentous events in recent history: The Royal Wedding. It’s one thing when two people get married, but it’s another thing when one of those two people is in line for the country’s esteemed throne! Nothing spells ‘fairytale wedding’ more than this momentous occasion.

The menu at the Royal Wedding certainly took its cue from the best catering in Manila and it was evident in how extensively it was prepared. Everything was perfect: the catering set-up, the drinks-of-choice, and most especially, the quantity of how much food that was served. Needless to say, their guests were surely entertained in one of the grandest occasions known throughout history.

Questions that were surely raised at the time of planning the event include what dishes were to be served, as well as their appropriateness for royalty and their esteemed guests. So what kind of food was served during the Royal Wedding?

First Course: Salmon, Crab, and Lobster

Starting with a zesty twist, the first meal that was served was a Marinated South Uist Salmon with Lyme Bay crab and Wild Hebridean Langoustines with fresh herb salad on the side. It was a delicious seafood course that oozed with a zest that complimented the salmon, crab, and lobster medley. Paired with the course was a delicious bottle of 2009 Meursault, Domaine Guyot-Havilier wine.

What’s great about this particular course is that they stuck with everything that has to do with seafood. Not only that, they also served in the most elegant way possible. So if there you’re out there looking to serve seafood in a grand fashion to your guests, you may want to look at this course for some ‘royal’ inspiration.

Second Course: Lamb, Potatoes, and Vegetables

The second course was a vibrant array of colors and taste. This came in the form of a Saddle of North Highland Mey Select organic lamb, Highgrove spring vegetables, English asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and sauce Windsor. The dish is an intricate mixture of the flavors of the earth mixed with the juiciness of the lamb that is buffed by the soft and supple texture of the deliciously grown Jersey Royal potatoes. Aptly paired with this dish is a 2004 L’Hospitalet de Gazin, Pomerol Wine.

Lamb is seen by many as one of those meats that are fit to be served in the elite. Its flavor is known for its succulence and being a perfect pair with the best wine available. For a truly spectacular occasion, this is the meat for you.

Of course, there are also other meats of your choosing. You can never go wrong with the classical ‘steak’ as your entrée. It’s entirely up to you how you want it to be served; whether medium-rare, medium-well, or well-done. Just be sure to know which bottle of wine is the perfect complement to the meat.


The night was finished off with a bang because of the third and final course. This featured a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle, and chocolate parfait. Along with the elegant dessert was a bottle of Larent Perrier Rose Champagne.

Their choice of dessert was spot on as it exuded simplicity with just the right amount of luxury. Then again, if your spouse is in line for the throne, then why wouldn’t you go all out with your dessert choice?

So, if you’re looking for a great option for your own wedding dessert or just something to do on your own when you’re feeling a bit fancy, then this course should help give you the right amount of inspiration to think of a creative and crafty option.

An Ingenious Mix

The choices for the three-course meal were considered to be ingenious because they were worlds apart from one another in terms of taste and texture yet united to create the perfect menu. Though the courses may be different, they were chosen because of the different themes they represented.

The first course was highlighted by the flavors of the sea while the second course was accentuated by the flavors of the Earth; the differences paralleled the initial difference in social standing between the now husband and wife. This is what made the Royal Wedding a modern romantic fairy tale.

The Royal Wedding’s dinner was modest in scale and it was attended by 300 of the closest friends and families of Prince William and Princess Kate. This was preceded by the actual wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey, which was attended by 1,900 people. Also, Queen Elizabeth hosted 600 people for an after-wedding breakfast of canapés and champagne at the Buckingham Palace. Finally, the ceremonies were concluded with Prince Charles’ dinner for 300 people.


Auction of the Menu

Four years after the Royal Wedding, the menu for the dinner affair was auctioned online and it was eventually sold for over $1000. The dinner menu for The Royal Wedding was printed on thick ivory cardstock and is adorned with an ornate green ivy border. A couple of years after The Royal Wedding, the Royal Couple is still happily married with two healthy kids, perhaps their happily ever after did come after all.

Key Takeaway

Truly, this occasion can be considered as every bride-to-be’s dream come true. So, with that said, why not make it happen? With the right choices and careful planning, your wedding can be a dream coming true.

There are numerous factors in a wedding to take into consideration. No matter what you choose, always remember the love you and your spouse-to-be share.

For a royal experience of your own, why not give Juan Carlo’s catering services a try?

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