4 Sneaky Ways to Cut Back on Costs on Wedding Catering Services

What are some sneaky ways to cut back on wedding catering services costs?

  1. Enjoy a buffet style reception
  2. Don’t be tempted to go fancy
  3. Consider food in season
  4. Skip the full bar and champagne


If you’re set to be wed sometime in the near future, then you should already know that weddings are expensive and cost about half a million pesos. In fact, even if you aren’t expecting to walk down the aisle anytime soon, you’re probably aware of this universally-known fact.

However, you might not be aware that a majority of your budget is going to be spent on wedding catering services. Especially if you want to hire the best catering in Manila, this will take up a large chunk of your expenses.

The main reason for this is the importance of food during such events, most especially for Filipinos. Not that many would be willing to admit it but we can tell you that most guests are expecting to have a taste of scrumptious food and refreshing drinks during the reception. These are expectations that soon-to-be-weds would want to meet or, better yet, exceed, eventually leading to them spending a fortune to make sure that everything is no less than perfect.

We understand the desire to impress guests and make sure they have a good time during your wedding but you don’t have to empty your packets solely for that purpose. There are actually ways to keep everyone happy while keeping your wallets full, and that’s what we have listed here. Continue reading to find out how you can sneakily cut back on wedding catering costs!

 Enjoy a Buffet Style Reception

Enjoy a Buffet Style Reception

Sit-down dinners are more convenient for your guests but much too costly for your pockets because you’re going to need an extensive serving staff to tend to each table. This can cause your catering bill to skyrocket and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Instead of going traditional, opt for a buffet. If you do, you’re going to have fewer expenses to think of and your guests are going to be a lot happier since they’d be able to get as much food as they want!


Don’t Be Tempted to Go Fancy

Going fancy is a strong temptation that you must learn to avoid if you really want to cut back on costs. Food such as steak, duck, and salmon are much too fancy and are just going to balloon your expenses, so don’t go with those.

Try going for comfort food meals such as pizza, mac and cheese, tomato soup, and the like. It’s a huge wedding trend nowadays and your guests are sure to go crazy for them.

 Consider Food in Season

Consider Food in Season

Another way to come up with a menu that is both cost-effective and filling is to choose food that is in season and can be found locally. Fruits and vegetables that are in season aren’t just cheaper, they also tend to be fresher. At the end of the day, your caterer will be able to make significantly more amazing meals for less the price.


Skip the Full Bar and Champagne

Booze can really push the price of your wedding catering services which is why it is highly suggested that you skip the full bar and offer two practical alternatives. One is to stick strictly to beer and wine and the other is to serve signature cocktails concocted by you and your spouse. This is sure to save you a bit of money and lower the chance of you having to usher your friends home.

Another thing you can skip is the champagne for your toast. Let the guests toast with the drinks they already have and have you and your partner drink cheaper but equally delicious sparkling wine – no one will be able to tell the difference.


Key Takeaway

There’s no reason for you to empty your pockets to serve fancy meals and drinks to your guests during the reception of your wedding. They may have expectations but you aren’t obligated to meet them. Besides, they’d be just as happy to eat comfort food or fresher food that are in season than if they were served fancy dishes. What’s important here is to make sure that you’re giving them absolute delicious meals that they won’t be able to forget – something you can do if you hire the best catering in Manila!

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