Forever Young: How to Throw the Best Party for Senior Citizens


Keep in mind that some seniors may prefer to have an intimate birthday celebration with their family rather than have a big party with plenty of guests. Some of the other ways they may choose to celebrate include church hopping, shopping with their grandchildren, or volunteering in their community. Planning ahead will enable you to get to the bottom of exactly what your relative would like to do for his or her birthday.


Many catering services offer party, debut, and wedding packages in Tagaytay city. They provide senior-friendly menus and place accommodations. Seamlessly throw the best party for your elderly loved one with these tips and tricks.


Infog - Forever Young- How to Throw the Best Party for Senior Citizens


Involve Seniors In The Planning

Involve Seniors In The Planning

When planning for a party, especially for older loved ones, it is best to ask for their opinions and suggestions. Some may enjoy surprises, while others may not. Be more considerate of their preferences to have an easier time planning a party. Even more so, involving them will make them feel special because they know that their suggestions are being considered.


Planning for a party involves dates, themes, a menu, and a location. It would also be best to ask for any preferred theme suggestions. They would probably love to have a 60’s party, where neon-colored draperies furnish the location and guests are all adorned in 60’s styled outfits. Try to plan something that will bring them on a trip down memory lane. For the menu, it is important that you ask them what they would be delighted to see on the buffet table.


Choose a Party Location

Choose A Party Location

As much as possible, avoid celebrating a party in an elder’s house. The last thing they want is for the peace in their homes being taken away from them. While they do like visitors every now and then, a full party with lots of guests can be difficult to clean up after. Choose to locate the party in an accessible place to all the senior guests so that they do not have to travel a far distance.


The best location for a senior citizen party is a place where there are lots of trees that encourage breezy winds. In choosing the location, be sure to account for the weather. Check the forecast to see if there may be rain in the area. Even a small chance of rain could affect the party. A roofed patio is a suitable location to let the fresh air in and keep guests covered. But if the weather permits for it, consider having the party outdoors. Your older loved ones may enjoy the outdoor air.


Here are some other criteria to take into consideration:

  • Must not be far from the guests’ homes
  • Make sure there is a roof to protect the guests from either the harsh sun or the rain
  • Event space must not have slippery areas
  • Must not have too many stairs


Choosing the location is one of the hardest parts of throwing a party. Especially if the guests have many preferences. With this, you can choose to acquire the best location with catering services that offer generous celebration packages like wedding packages in Tagaytay. You will never know when they might have the best offer for your party as well.


Incorporate A Theme In The Party

Incorporate A Theme In The Party

Make the party fun by incorporating a theme. Bring nostalgia to the night and remind your loved ones of their youthful lives. They will surely appreciate it if you are able to design the location properly according to the theme. Here are some ideas that may be of interest to you:


  • Retro Theme: 20s, 50s, 60s, 80s
  • Hollywood Party
  • Afternoon Tea Theme
  • Tropical Fiesta
  • Casino Theme
  • Masquerade Mardi Gras


When planning the theme of the party, make sure you are able to incorporate it into the tableware and decor. This includes the buffet table. Seamlessly integrate the theme into the littlest details of the party with the help of the best catering services that offer wedding packages in Tagaytay. These catering services are experienced in planning and executing their client’s wishes.


Select A Menu Suitable For Seniors’ Diets

Select The Menu Suitable For The Diet Of The Seniors

In choosing the dishes to be served on the menu, you should select ones that are appropriate for the guests’ diet. It is necessary to pay attention to the menu selection as they might not be able to try every dish or dessert.


Just like every party, make sure you serve a complete meal. A full meal consists of an appetizer, main course, and dessert.


Make sure the appetizers served will not make the guests feel full. Serve an adequate amount for them to be able to enjoy the main course. Always keep in mind that the right serving for older guests is way less than what an adult can consume.


Since you might have guests who could either be on a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, try to include both types on the menu. For a vegetarian course, a veggie pasta or soup will do. For non-vegetarian meals, you may want one that solely consists of different types of fish. Some older guests may not be allowed to eat pork or beef courses. A steamed fish menu is a good and hearty meal for them.


Prepare an Exciting Program Flow

Prepare For A Program Flow

Every party needs a program flow. This could include a starting prayer, opening remarks, and the introduction of the celebrant. The flow must not end there. You could prepare a song and dance number for them to reminisce about the good times they had when they were young. This will surely bring back such good memories.


To make the party program even more fun, add some activities that will not require a lot of physical movement. You can ask elderly guests to share their most memorable experiences with the group. Or each elderly guest can give their own special birthday greeting.

Prepare Senior-Friendly Games

Prepare Senior Friendly Games

Games for your elderly guests must be suitable for their physical and mental capabilities. Slow the pace of games but preserve the fun with one of these ideas:


  • Word Games
  • Bingo
  • 1950s or 1960s Trivia Game


Mind games are the best to play with senior citizens due to two reasons. First, they do not have to stand up from their chairs at all. Second, they get to exercise their brains.


Whatever games you come up with, make sure that it can be performed and thoroughly comprehended by your elderly guests. The instructions to play the game must be simple. You should also be able to demonstrate how the game goes. Without clear instruction and demonstration, you might end up explaining what to do to the guests one by one.


Tokens and Giveaways

Tokens And Giveaways

Your elderly loved ones and guests may enjoy little trinkets and giveaways. They get sentimental over the small items that will remind them of a great party. Here are some ideas for giveaways that could bring great joy:


  • Customized keychains with their photo booth pictures
  • A teacup decorated with the date and theme of the party
  • Table napkins with their initials
  • Fountain pens engraved with their names


No matter the trinket and the words in it, your elderly loved one will surely keep and treasure it. For the elderly, nothing in this world can replace a good memory.


Key Takeaway

A well-planned party for seniors with an appropriate theme and a complementing menu will not be complete without the perfect location. In Tagaytay, a lot of weddings and packages are offered to couples. There are also packages for birthday parties and corporate meetings as well. Hold the most memorable senior citizen party in the most beautiful places in the Philippines with the best catering service.

Bringing Elegance in your Celebration

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