5 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

5 New Year

What are some New Year’s Eve party ideas that you should try?

  1. Create a sparkly backdrop
  2. Have a ‘poptail’ party
  3. Pair the wine with a charcuterie board
  4. Serve finger foods
  5. Have a dessert station

With such a rollercoaster ride this year, you deserve to celebrate for all the good job you’ve done and get ready to kick off another complete revolution around the sun. Whether it’s a disco, glitter, slumber, masquerade, or a movie marathon party, you won’t go wrong with some unique decorations, good food, and refreshing drinks. To help you plan this yearly event, here are some New Year’s Eve party ideas! Keep on reading to learn more.

Create A Sparkly Backdrop

New Year is a special event that you spend with your loved ones. That’s why you and your guests might want to take a lot of photos to remember it by. After all, it’s such a waste to not have pictures of your family and friends in festive outfits. In this case, you should make a decorative backdrop that is suitable as a photo area!

And what better way to add a party mood than by having a bit of sparkle! Hang a foil curtain on a wall, put up some sparkly balloons, turn on the festive lights, and you have yourself an Instagrammable backdrop.

Have A ‘Poptail’ Party

Have A ‘Poptail’ Party

A poptail, or a popsicle cocktail, is a unique and delicious alcoholic treat that you can have at your New Year’s Eve party. Just like the name, it’s made of a popsicle dipped in a type of liquor. It acts as the ice to keep the beverage cool too.

If you’re interested, Juan Carlo offers the Signature Rosé — a combination of Rosé wine and a popsicle that is even better when melted. This offers a unique and fun experience for your guests. Serve it to your New Year’s Eve guests during dessert for the best results! It’s also a great treat for summer parties.

Pair The Wine With A Charcuterie Board

Pair The Wine With A Charcuterie Board

With all the high-quality wine at your party, you can’t forget to serve some good food to pair them with! One example is a charcuterie board, which is best consumed with red or white wines.

Fun fact, charcuterie originates from the French words “chair” which means “meat” and “cuite” which means “cooked”. These boards are made of force meats, sausages, and other salted meats. These are accompanied by fruits, nuts, crackers, and cheese.

If you’re interested, you could also try Juan Carlo’s European Cheese and Cold Cuts Station, which has multiple types of cheese and cold cuts with crackers, breadsticks, nuts, dried fruits, and grapes.

Serve Finger Foods

Serve Finger Foods

Want to socialize while eating some good food? To make this possible, you could serve some finger foods at your New Year’s Eve party You can prepare a variety of options for your guests, and you won’t need the utensils commonly used for a sit-down dinner.

Finger foods are also easier to consume, so they’re suitable if you want a more laid-back event — which many guests would appreciate. This way, you can focus on enjoying the party with your family and friends.

Have A Dessert Station

Have A Dessert Station

Craving for some sweets after the main meal? Then why don’t you consider having a dessert station too? This way, you can serve different kinds of treats for your guests. It’s a great option if you know some people in your party that have food allergies or dietary restrictions. This is also popular for weddings, debuts, and other fancy events.

To create a dessert table, you need to pay attention to the design and the plating. Each dessert must be able to stand out on its own. But if you don’t have time to buy the tableware and decorate the table, you can hire a caterer. If you’re interested, you can try out Juan Carlo’s dessert station options:

Key Takeaway

If you went all out during Christmas, you might as well do the same for the coming year and think of New Year’s Eve party ideas! Try out these tips, so you can have a fun and unique party to kick off another year. Fortunately, you can make your event more memorable with the help of an experienced caterer in the industry.

If you’re interested in hiring a caterer, you can contact us here at Juan Carlo. Aside from our extensive menu, we could also help with the styling of the dining area to make your event planning more convenient.


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