Luxury Reception for Your Wedding Venue In Batangas

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What are the best venues for a luxury wedding reception in Batangas?

  1. Romantic Beachside: Acuatico
  2. Bountiful Garden: Cintai Corito’s Garden
  3. Modern Nature: Club Ananda
  4. Volcano’s Base: Club Balai Isabel


Choosing a wedding venue in Batangas can give you the option of a luxury reception at the beach, a blooming garden, or even at the base of a volcano. All of these venues are just a few hours away from Manila. The area is home to a number of venues that are sure to give you and your guests a night to remember. Here is a list of luxury venues for your wedding reception in Batangas.


Romantic Beachside: Acuatico

Romantic Beachside: Acuatico

Batangas is an ideal location to look for a romantic and picturesque beachside wedding reception venue. One such area is Laiya Beach — home to a number of resorts where you can celebrate your special night in. The waters of Batangas are known to be extremely clear and full of marine life. The pristine beaches are lined with fine white sand. This is an ideal wedding reception venue for those who are looking to get away from your busy city life.

Acuatico Beach Resort is a prime example of an exquisite Batangas wedding reception venue. Its cozy and picturesque facilities include an infinity pool found right by the beachside, giving the illusion of wide waters. You can rent rooms and villas for you and your loved ones to prepare for your reception. For the night itself, you can request to set up tables and chairs along the beach to really encapsulate the theme.


Bountiful Garden: Cintai Corito’s Garden

Bountiful Garden: Cintai Corito’s Garden

Aside from sunny beaches, Batangas is also home to a number of vast mountain ranges and lush forests. Multiple resorts have crafted the theme of their tranquil getaway around the diverse ecosystem around them. These places designed their accommodations to make use of the cool, crisp air and scenic views of their surroundings. This is an ideal wedding reception venue for couples who enjoy going on adventures such as hiking and mountain climbing.

One such resort is Cintai Corito’s Garden, found in Sitio Pandayan. This Balinese-inspired sanctuary is home to pavilions and gazebos that emulate the architectural designs popular in Indonesia. An open design and high ceilings allow for a steady flow of wind through the structure. They are decorated with meticulously carved wooden doors and the popular Balinese pointed rooftop. This resort is perfect for couples who enjoy traveling all over the world together. Take your loved ones on a trip around the world while staying within your wedding checklist budget.


Modern Nature: Club Ananda

Modern Nature: Club Ananda

Resorts in Batangas have been able to combine the modern world with nature. They have integrated modern designed facilities in the heart of Batangas’ beaches and forests. These styles make use of materials such as concrete and glass to create sleek lines that stand out amidst all of the flora around it.

This kind of wedding reception venue is different because it can be customizable to fit any kind of wedding theme you may have — perfect for creative couples who enjoy planning everything down to the last detail!

Check out Sandari Batulao’s Club Ananda for a picturesque modern space within the spread of trees. The complex is an events space made up of large windows to take in the scenic view of their infinity pool and the Calamias River. The club is also an ideal wedding reception venue for those who want to get married in a cathedral as it is found near the Caleruega church.


Volcano’s Base: Club Balai Isabel

Volcano’s Base: Club Balai Isabel

For those looking for a more unique experience, you can opt for venues found at the base of Taal Volcano. Give your guests an unforgettable experience by having your reception underneath the popular tourist destination. One such resort found in the area is Club Balai Isabel.

The club is an ideal location for those with a wedding checklist budget as it offers a number of options in terms of venue. Here is a list of Club Balai Isabel’s events spaces.

  • Taal Pavilion: up to 700 people
  • Talisay Pavilion: up to 500 people
  • Kasay and Kasiki Hall: up to 140 people
  • Batangueno Hall: up to 60 people
  • Mabuhay Lounge: up to 50 people


Key Takeaway

Choose a wedding venue in Batangas that is one with nature. Enjoy the crisp breeze and the rich scenery at your wedding reception when you choose one of these luxury venues. Do your research well to find an area that would be the perfect fit for you and your spouse!

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