How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Wedding

10th June 2017


There are a lot of things to plan in a wedding; catering, seat plans, transportation, etc. Choosing the colors might seem like a small task, but it will greatly affect the overall aesthetic and environment of the wedding! The colors will have influence on things like the décor, dress code, and even the food garnish! Choose the wrong palette (or rather, no particular palette) and you may end up with an eyesore of a wedding!


Venue Hues and Other Outside Factors

It would be a waste to find the perfect color palette for your wedding if it doesn’t fit your venue. You will find that you will be adjusting the style and design of your wedding and reception to your chosen venue. To avoid the risk of having to choose between one or the other, learn to prioritize. If you’ve already set your eyes on a specific venue then there should be no problem about switching colors, and vice versa. Venues such as warehouses, lofts, or tents are good choices as they are far more easily styled than places like gardens and beaches. Then again, that’s your call.

Aside from the location, there are other details that you need to think of as well when picking your colors. For example, the flower arrangements will definitely have a dominant color to them and you don’t want them to clash with your hues. Other factors such as the family’s preferences or heritage could also influence your choice.


Go with the Seasons

Just like how people change what they wear to when seasons change, your wedding theme can also depend on the time of the year. In fact, it can be pretty specific with how it influences your hues. For example, coral pink is better for the summer while a blush pink is more fitting for the rainy season. While they’re both pink, they are still very different hues. Colors will heavily influence the overall mood and vibe of your wedding.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose your favorite colors. It only means that you have to be on the lookout for different hues and textures.



Colors have emotions and they could set the right or wrong mood for your wedding. Black, gold, red, or emerald can add a dramatic flair to the celebration, while light colors can bring out more joy. Think about the emotions you want you and your guests to feel and remember when you think back to your wedding day.


Get Inspired

You can draw inspiration from many sources. Magazines, art galleries, and museums are all good places to look at to give you some ideas. While it’s good to be original avoid jumping on trendy themes if you can help it, the way artists use hues can help you see your favorite colors in a different way.

Looking around your home can draw inspiration as well. Of course, you choose the designs and colors of your home décor because you can live with seeing those every day. Basing your wedding colors around the way your home is designed will give the celebration a personal touch that will be familiar and pleasing to your eyes. Plus you can take home those expensive décor that you will buy just for wedding and it will fit your space perfectly.


Look at the Color Wheel

You don’t need to be an art major to be able to use a color wheel. The basics are pretty easy to understand and you can use these as a starting point to choosing your personalized choice of matching colors: These basics say that these combinations on the color wheel go well with each other:

  1. Opposites: This pairing gives the perfect contrast of warm and cool.
  2. Neighbors: The colors are similar and share the same primary color.
  3. Neutral & Bright: The neutral colors will accent the bright colors.


Most importantly: don’t stress out. Hiring a wedding planner is a good option for when you’re unsure about what you’re doing (or if there’s simply too much to do.) Better yet, as long as you promise not to turn into bridezilla you can ask for help from family and friends!


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