The Characteristics of a Quality Caterer

23rd February 2016

Going for catering in Manila can seemingly be a daunting task for both consumer and caterer alike. For the consumer’s side, there are a lot of factors to consider such as availability of the caterer, pricing and menu to name a few while the caterer has to worry about delivering and making good on the promises that they make.

However, in this article, we’re going to focus on you, the consumer, and we’re going to help you choose the caterer that’s best for you. That’s right, today we’re going to be discussing the qualities that make up a quality caterer!

food laid out on a counter

What makes a caterer good are a few basic things that altogether form a larger, more complex series of gears that mesh together to make a great event even better.

Firstly, the most basic and essential ingredient in making the perfect caterer is catering their menu to serve the client’s needs. If the caterer is willing to adapt their menu to suit the client’s needs without compromising quality and integrity then that’s perfect. Furthermore, the menu is the lifeblood of any catering service. Even if the food looks great, if it doesn’t taste great then that’s going to be a problem. The caterer has to be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their food tastes as good as it looks.

In connection to the caterer’s willingness to adapt to suit the client’s needs, a suitable customer service experience is of course expected of the caterers. The point of the caterer’s willingness to adapt is moot if they offend the customer along the way so to avoid doing so, the caterer has to be a business that practices good customer service.  Working with the customer in designing their menu and fine-tuning everything for their event requires time, patience, diplomacy and good communication and these are some of the facets of a good customer experience.

Another quality that makes a caterer good is their attention to detail. Like what we discussed earlier, everybody wants to make their event as perfect as possible and one way of doing so is fine-tuning details with the customer and for the caterer to meet the client’s demand, the caterer has to both be attentive and willing. Attention to detail entails acknowledgement, planning and execution of small ideas with little to no mistakes to help them form the bigger idea that is the event.

chef sniffs ingredients

We’ve been talking about the caterer’s willingness throughout the article but I’d like to discuss that in more detail. Why would a caterer be unwilling to provide service or to adapt themselves to suit the client’s needs? The answer is motivation. The caterer and their staff have to be motivated and sincerely willing in order for them to provide a satisfactory customer service experience. Remember, a good catering service not only provides quality food but they also have to treat their people well and how caterers treat their employees may be a reflection of how they treat people in general, customers included.

Finally, what makes a good caterer great is of course, acquiesce. Quality in terms of food safety and their willingness to adapt to suit the client’s needs while maintaining their standards. Obviously, food safety is an important issue for both the caterer and the consumer. Nobody wants to get sick and no caterer is willing to risk their client’s safety, especially us at Juan Carlo.

Sure there are a lot more qualities to consider but these basic qualities are what we believe to be the frame the supports a business and we believe that these qualities make a good caterer, great.

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