6 Fun Ways to Serve Wedding Reception Food

20th February 2016

Jaclyn Simpson Photography

Jaclyn Simpson Photography

One of the best thing about having catering in manila is that you get to try dishes you’ve never even tasted before. While you can opt for a set menu and serving your guests all the same things, it could be fun to mix up a little. If you think it’s time to think outside the box, here are a few suggestions we have for you.


Mini Dishes

Sometimes miniature versions of your favourite meals make even more of a statement than their full-sized counterparts. For example, instead of dining in the comfortable taste of a huge bowl of spaghetti, use a single meatball and top it with spaghetti with a bit of sauce. It will be more fun to eat that way, plus the guests can consume it in just a couple of bites. Also, this is a chance for your guests to have a bit of everything in the menu served at your reception.

Kebabs and Barbecues

Although they are considered to be ‘cook-out’ food that is best reserved for more casual get-togethers, kebabs and barbeques are actually still good to serve at weddings. Your guests will surely love them. Aside from crowd favourites like barbecue and meat kebabs, you can serve lamb and meatballs on toothpicks for extra-easy devouring.

Innovate your Comfort Food

Home-cooked favourites are instantly elevated when served in unexpected ways. Like for example, love the taste of grilled cheese but you’re scared they’re not fancy enough to be served at a wedding? Worry not because your caterer will surely be able to find a way to reinvent them. You can have mini grilled sandwiches served on toothpicks with dainty tomato soup shooters to make it more formal and fit for the occasion.

Braedon Photography

Braedon Photography

Vegan Delight

Appetizers usually entail the serving of heavy carbs like potatoes and the likes. Keep it healthy by appealing to the lighter portion of your guests. Put in a few delicious good-for-you options on the menu, such as baby-Greek salad – serve this mouth-watering appetizer in mini cup and voila you’ve got yourself a healthy delight.

All-Day Breakfast

Many people only like mornings because of the food. This comes as no surprise as breakfast is a scrumptious meal that jumpstarts your day. So why not serve it at your wedding? A good example of a breakfast dish would be a bacon cup filled with scrambled eggs. This dish will surely give an elegant twist on the classic morning staple.

An Abundance of Variety

An abundant buffet is a great way to ensure everyone in your reception will get what they want. But it can also become an appetizing focal point. Be mindful and intricate about your buffet and whip up something like a cheese station with an array of mild and strong flavours of different cheeses from goat, cow and sheep milk, which can then be paired with wine. Don’t forget to add labels so guests know exactly what they’re having. From fruits, breads and nuts, there are plenty of things to think of to serve.

When it comes to having a fun and stomach-filled reception, caterers are our best friends. Talk to your local catering service and inquire about the variety of foods you can serve at your wedding.

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