5 Tips for Writing a Wedding Day Love Note

12th February 2017

Of all the elements that go into the big day, from the actual ceremony to the wedding catering, the wedding day love note is hands down the most romantic and personal part. These notes are usually written days or on the night before the wedding day, when emotions are at its highest. The note is meant for their respective partners to read on the morning of the big day, as a reminder of its purpose and to prepare each other for the vows they are about to make.

There are no strict rules about what should be written or how but there are things to keep in mind.


Keep it Simple

You don’t have to write like you’re the greatest poet this century has ever seen, nor use big words and complex metaphors to wow your partner. Remember that your partner loves you for who you are and should know you inside and out. A sprinkle of elegant language here and there will be good to show some class but for the most part sound like yourself because that is what matters most.

Dedicate Time to It

This is a very meaningful note for your partner, dedicate some time for it. May it be weeks or days ahead or even the day before, don’t rush this letter because it will be a something they will likely keep and cherish for many years. Find time to plan and reflect on your relationship together. Embrace all the emotions you’re feeling and find inspiration in them. Have enough time to write down your thoughts in a relaxed state and look back at the note and see if it’s the love note your partner deserves.

Give Your Partner Confidence

This is your opportunity to be the voice your partner needs, to remove all their jitters and give them the confidence boost they need. Your wedding day is a very nerve wrecking day for both parties so it will really help to know that the person you are marrying is confident in this decision. Remind each other of the reasons you are together and why this will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Write What You Love About Them and More

It is important for your partner to feel loved, to know that every part of who they are is important to you. This will give them confidence and assurance in your relationship with each other.

Aside from that you should write about your relationship, write about the future you hope for each other and together. Don’t just make your partner feel confident about today, make him/her feel secured about the future he/she has with you. Remind her of the love that you share and the numerous years to come together and how it makes you feel.

Keep it Personal

Remember it is not just about what you feel right now, it is about what you plan ahead and how you want your marriage to be. The most important thing in this note is that it comes from you, not based on what your friends or family say, but from you alone. Pour your heart out and just let your partner feel the love you feel through this simple gesture.

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