4 Ideas for a Healthy Wedding Reception

24th February 2017

People from all over the world are becoming more and more conscious about their health, whether it be residents of California, Tokyo, London, or even here in Manila. Wedding packages now feature more diverse offerings as a result, since providers are riding the health wave to keep up with the demand.

Not sure how to insert healthy dishes in your menu? Here are a few ideas.


Healthy Finger Foods

Hors D’oeuvres are a staple in any wedding reception, those fancy finger foods that you just love to chow down on before the actual program starts is a definite diet killer. Instead of sticking to the traditional menu of appetizers you can look to some alternatives. Look to have seasoned grilled vegetable skewers or small bites of grilled seafood as your starters. These can be very tasty, and even if you eat more than one it’s unlikely you will feel any bit of guilt afterwards.

Start with Leafy Greens

Get a salad station! You can have a varied selection of greens and let your guests help themselves to it. Don’t forget to request for a variety of dressings as well! If it’s a sit-down style of reception, choose a tasty seafood salad or a simple Tuscan salad.

You Don’t Need Beef at a Wedding

The main course is usually either beef, pork, or chicken. But there are other, healthier sources of protein such as salmon or lamb. Imagine a main course of boiled salmon with herb and butter seasoning, and grilled vegetables on the side… or a rack lamb grilled to perfection perfectly seasoned with herbs and spices. There are other variations of seafood you can serve in your reception such as squid or other forms of clams, even a perfectly cooked chicken breast can beat pork if done right.

Desserts Don’t Need to Be Unhealthy

It’s not impossible to have a good dessert station with healthy options. You can start off with fresh fruits and some yogurt! There are also other variations such as fruit tarts or fruit-based cakes, which are healthier alternatives to chocolate covered desserts. If all else fails a good fruit sorbet is the perfect back up. It’s full of flavor and is absolutely refreshing!


With these alternative ideas in mind, it’s time to step away from the stereotypical wedding reception. You can do your guests a favor and feed them what they need more than what they want. They might even thank you for introducing them to other alternative types of cuisine!

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