4 Food Station Ideas Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

15th February 2017


Some argue that sit-down dinners and typical buffet layouts should be a thing of the past, as it can come across too traditional and impersonal. Wedding packages these days offer a variety of options!

One that stands out is food stations. A food station is not just your typical buffet spread, where the food is on one long table and people queue up for their food. Food stations are more dynamic than that, you can customize different food stations for different themes and offerings. This helps the host to create a more personalized menu and it can help show off their personality much better. The layout is also different, as stations can be placed around the venue or grouped together depending on the theme.


Cheese and Crackers Station

This is perfect for receptions especially in the beginning when everyone is socializing. The best part about a cheese station is that there are various cheeses to choose from, from creamy to soft or even hard. There are also numerous types of crackers – the variety of flavors and textures really make your mind race for which combination to try next! Just be sure you have the perfect glass of wine to pair these with!

Pizza Station

Everyone loves pizza so having a station dedicated to this crowd favorite is sure to please your guests. You can cover all kinds of pizza from thin crust, thick crust to stuffed crust. There are a few decisions you have to make mainly what flavors to offer – going with a classics like 4 cheese or all meat is always a safe bet. Just prepare enough to feed crowds of guests, last thing you want is to run out in the middle of the reception!

Pasta Station

Who says you have to settle for choosing between cream or tomato based when you can have both or even more! Having a pasta station in your reception can please many of your guests because of all the choices you can offer. From pesto, tomato, cream and even olive oil there is a lot of variety, that’s not including all the different types of pasta there is. Just to add a bit more fun put some olive, tuna or other toppings to give more of a homey feel.

Pancake and Waffles Station

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have your reception in the morning, you might just love breakfast and want to share that with your guests. Imagine a station with freshly made waffles and pancakes, paired with different types of syrups and honey. Why not top it off with a selection of nuts or fruits? Having all that in one table is sure to tempt anyone to more than one serving!


Events aren’t restricted to set menus anymore, you can be more creative with the cuisine you offer your guests. Just make sure that the stations you end up choosing will cater to most of your guests. It is best to work with the theme of the event.

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