3 Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation Ideas

29th September 2016

Special occasions – like weddings, for instance – are often celebrated in a grand manner in the Philippines. Wedding catering, music and entertainment, as well as the venue are all hired, planned, and reserved months before the big celebration. Truly, a lot of thought and preparation are involved when organizing a wedding.

Another thing that has to be prepared months before the celebration are wedding invitations. To save money, try creating your own invitation instead of hiring someone to design and print them for you. Here are some do-it-yourself wedding invitation ideas that you can choose from!

Classical and Traditional

Some brides like a more contemporary wedding, but there are others who opt to stick with traditional. If you want a classical wedding, you should craft an invitation that complements your theme.


Here’s how:

  1. On a plain paper, print out or photocopy your preferred invitation wording. Remember to put just enough space on the left side, about 75mm, for the ribbon and paper. Trim it to the size of 140mmx140mm.
  2. If you have flocked paper with a horizontal design, cut out a panel using either a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors. Trim it to a length of about 140mm. Afterwards, attach it carefully to the top of your invitation. To prevent ruining the paper, use adhesive tape instead of glue.
  3. Get a white ribbon that is 150mm and attach it to the invitation with the use of adhesive tape rollers. Tuck the excess ribbon around the back and fasten it neatly. Get another piece of ribbon, this time a 120mm in size, to create a buckle bow. You can also experiment on different kinds of bow to give your invitation a unique and exciting look.

Vintage, Baby!

Most millennials today adore everything vintage, from photography to fashion, cars to artworks. If you are of the individuals who adore vintage items, then you will love the next invitation idea.

Here’s how:

  1. Using A7 envelops and “paperbag” cards, make a simple backdrop for graphic text and detailing.
  2. Add a border on top of your invitation by using a white card stock and paper puncher.
  3. Put some lace on the card and sew it on by using a sewing machine. You can use a standard needle for this task, but you can also try out different kinds of tactics that you can view online.
  4. Add some graphic elements to your invite like hand drawn wreaths and ribbons on digital software programs like Photoshop.
  5. Print out all these details and arrange them all together.

Tip: You can ask some of your friends and family members if you are having troubles with some of the methods like Photoshop and sewing patterns.


A Happy Beginning 

Couples often liken their love stories to that of a fairy tale, so why not try to make an invitation that is inspired by one? After all, every bride and groom deserves to have their own happy ending.

Here’s how:

  1. Gather all the materials: 6×6 pocket folds, pocket inserts, mat paper, white card stock, sticker paper, stick-on crystal gems, ribbons, and your home printer.
  2. Print out all the wedding details that you wish to share on the invitation, along with the appropriate design that you want. Arrange them in an 8.5”x11” page layout to easily print them out.
  3. Cut out all the parts and dimensions after printing them out. If you have a Circuit Mini, you can use that to make your job easier.
  4. After everything has been cut out including the mat paper, add the crystals to the main monogram and invitation. Use glue to place the gems on the invitation. Let them dry overnight.
  5. Glue each of the printed pieces to the mat papers. Also, paste the pocket fold to the main piece and wait for them to dry out.
  6. Attach the monogram to one side of the ribbon using a tape.
  7. Put all the inserts inside the pocket. Cut the ribbon that it is long enough to wrap around the pocket fold. Attach the other end of the ribbon to the monogram with tape.
  8. Put the whole thing inside an envelope.

These wedding invitation ideas will not only help you save some cash, but also make your wedding a lot more personalized.

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