2 of the Best Corporate Catering Themes for Your Next Office Party!

27th February 2016

Offices have always been known to be places of rigid professionalism, but that doesn’t mean that the office party scene should be the same way. Work celebrations – no matter the occasion – should be just as fun and exciting as any other casual shindig. So, if you’re looking to spice up your next work event, consider getting some quality corporate catering to take care of both the food and the theme – it’ll save you from all the hassles of party planning and all the while make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible!

When it comes to parties like these, there’s no limit to what you can do, so here’s a list of creative party themes you can apply that are sure to be perfect for setting your next event’s atmosphere!


A Masquerade Ball

It may seem overdone, but there’s a reason for that. Masquerade balls have an air of mystery about them that no other kind of party can replicate; the sheer excitement of trying to find out who is who in a sea of covered faces amounts to a lot of fun and excitement for all the participants.

Décor: Enhance the “mystic” experience by adorning the party venue with similarly intricate and mysterious decorations – long, heavy curtains and low lights will do a lot to set the overall tone. Throw in a couple of grandiose set pieces here and there such as sparkling chandeliers, sophisticated table top centrepieces, or maybe even a small fountain of liquor for that extra bit of pizzazz. As for the colours, feel free to go with either a lush red, violet or blue as these three hues are commonly associated with wealth.


Food: Try to include ingredients that have a rich, sweet taste such as honey or chocolate as they would go well with the overall feel of the party. Serve the chosen menu in finger food form so guests are free to walk around and talk to “strangers”, and have some people walk around serving the food to the guests too. Try to keep everyone on their feet and avoid having a buffet table that they may hover around in; as long as everything is in motion then it should be smooth sailing all throughout.



Outdoor barbecues are best for those who are looking or a more casual setting without sacrificing any of the fun that should come with every get together. This feels like a home-y, friendly gathering and it’s especially great for those who are looking to break down the usual “professional” barriers and integrate some team building into their events.

Décor: Barbecues are best conducted outdoors where the smoke won’t fill the area. If this isn’t possible, one could go for a well-ventilated space instead. There’s not much to go on when it comes to barbecue themed decorations, but if you really want to spice things up you can go for simple picnic paraphernalia coupled with a traditional picnic cloth. Wooden furniture would definitely help the home-y, outdoors-y vibe too.

Food: Well, a barbecue isn’t a barbecue without any grilled meat. Consider bringing fresh cuts of meat of your choice – whether it’s beef, pork, chicken, or even fish! Couple that with some delicious rice or bread, and a couple of grilled vegetables here and there. As for drinks, any will do, though refreshing beverages that are citrus-y or cool are definitely recommended.

The next time you find yourself at a loss for ideas for your next big party, consider the aforementioned themes and have a blast with your coworkers!


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