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Birthdays & Special Occasions

The Juan Carlo Experience

Make your life's milestones all the more special by celebrating them with your friends and family. But regardless of whatever you choose to commemorate, it's sure to be an unforgettable event with Juan Carlo's award winning service by your side.

Intimate Occasions

As one of the best caterers in the country, we pride ourselves in our ability to support our clients and their vision while bringing them to the forefront of their own events every time. We stand eagerly in the sidelines, ready to serve at one’s beck and call.

That's not to say we’re intrusive - in fact, it is the opposite that is true. Our service actually revolves around the tenets of subtlety. patience, and delicacy - all of which are traits that make for pleasant company for anyone.

We Have These Options For Your:

Personal Chef

Customize and experience dishes in a way unlike any other. Having us by your side is akin to having your own personal chef.


As a caterer at heart, we are well-versed in our craft and have only but the best professionals for every job. Rest assured that your catering is in good hands.


Enjoy meals without having to worry about the minute that comes with serving it to others.

Sharon Cuneta

"I have come to rely on your catering services because having you has always been a joy to our family during the parties. Many thanks and keep up the good work!"



Cherry Cupcake
Thirdy Birthday Cake
Desserts of JuanCarlo
Mark Herras
Thirdy Birthday Magic Show
Thirdy Lego Show
Andy Eigenmann
Desserts JuanCarlo
Julia Montes

"I'm the kind of person who really has a hard time making decisions... I admire them, that's why I'm so grateful to Tito Alex because they really got my suggestions and they were able to visualize what I wanted to happen."

Julia Montes Teen Sensation

Miriam Quiambao

"Thank you for the excellent service and food! Outstanding! Thank you!"

Miram Quiambao Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner Up

The Juan Carlo Tasting Experience

Tasting Experience 1
Tasting Experience 2
Tasting Experience 4

Experience iconic dishes created from fresh, meticulously chosen ingredients-
unparalleled in both taste and design.

Reserve your complimentary tasting experience today

Or call us at (02) 929 - 3674 / (02) 426 - 5134

Other Services

Our trademark services are the result of years of passion, refinement and perseverance through generations of the Del Rosario family. When you choose Juan Carlo, you choose a distinct family history and artisanship that is unlike any other.

All Juan Carlo experiences come with our award-winning cuisine. Choose the perfect package for you, by customizing your experience. View any of our packages below for more details.

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