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    Find Out The Best Month To Celebrate Your Wedding

    What should you consider when finding the best wedding month for you?

    1. Weather
    2. Availability
    3. Costs
    4. Symbolism


    Everything should be perfect for one of the most special occasions in any person’s life. This day may have been played out over and over again in your dreams growing up. However, that picture in your head may come out completely different because you chose the wrong month to hold your special day in. There are a couple of prime factors that play into creating your perfect day. One of which is choosing the best wedding month for you and your future spouse!



    An outdoor garden wedding

    Weather is a major consideration for your wedding. Your guests and suppliers will have to make the necessary adjustments according to the estimated weather conditions on the day of. Your theme and your venue can also ride on the expected weather conditions.

    The March to May months welcome sweltering summer heat, so drop your suits and fancy gowns. Instead, have your guests go for something light and airy instead. Think: earthy garden weddings. These are also great months to have a beach wedding. But do your guests a favor and start your celebration when the sun is not at its highest peak. Do them one better and just keep them indoors with good air-conditioning.

    June to September starts ushering in a high probability of rain and storms. If you are looking to have an outdoor wedding, definitely avoid these months. Even if you are indoors, the rain might impede the travel from the church to your reception area. Especially with how traffic slows down in the Philippines with just a slight drizzle. If you do decide to push for a rainy day wedding, have your organizers ensure that there are allowances for travel time.

    October to January has a crisp nippy air about, with a nice cool breeze. This can be perfect for an outdoor wedding or reception, should you decide to do that.



    A bride riding a rented car

    February and March might find you in a bit of a hitch. Your scheduled day might be sandwiched between Valentine’s celebrations and the stretch of Holy Week.

    December can also be quite difficult as many events and other celebrations are starting to book venues and suppliers towards the end of the year. You are also contending with heavier traffic the later you book your wedding.

    If your family members primarily work abroad, then you should also take that into account and find the best month for them to schedule their leaves. Of course, being a Filipino couple, you’d want them all to be present.

    You should also check on your favorite suppliers and whether they are available on your chosen months. After all, if you have your sights set on a trusted group that can guarantee a successful celebration, you should do everything in your power to make sure they’re present.



    An engaged couple talking about wedding budget

    During the stretch of December to February, the price of flowers increases because of the upcoming Valentine’s preparations as well as the season of blooming. Watch out for this as well if you plan to have your florist and stylist put together any elaborate floral designs for your venue.

    June is still a widely popular month for tying the knot in the Philippines. Charges go up during this time due to the increased demand for wedding suppliers and coordination services.

    Towards the latter part of the year, because of the saturation of events and other parties, costs for suppliers tend to go higher as well. If you are set on being a December Bride, book way ahead of time and avoid the spike in price with an early bird discount package.



    Wedding gifts during the Christmas season

    January ushers in the New Year, a fresh start for your new life as a couple. It symbolizes a bright future ahead.

    December has a festive air about it, so you can bask in the energy of the upcoming yuletide season and gather everyone in the country’s favorite time of the year.

    You may also want to align with the Chinese calendar to see the luckiest months for 2020 to start a bond with your significant other.


    Key Takeaway

    Good pre-planning goes a long way to finding the best wedding month. Think about what matters to you the most, rank your priorities, and let that drive your decision. But when it all comes down to it, your wedding is special whatever month you have it in. Your friends and family will move mountains to be there and see you walk down the aisle.