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    5 Best Wedding Ideas You Need to Know

    What are some of the best weddings you need to know about?

    1. Arrange for a unique aisle runner
    2. Set up an aesthetic photo booth backdrop
    3. Serve pre-reception cocktails and snacks
    4. Offer a diverse menu
    5. Upgrade the souvenirs


    There’s no doubt that the day you tie the knot will be one of the most important milestones in your life. This is why you’ll find yourself searching for the best wedding ideas non-stop. As a couple, you’ll plan ahead to ensure that the occasion is successful.

    Aside from prioritizing a smooth-sailing event, make sure you create a memorable experience that stands out as well. At Juan Carlo, we’ve been given the honor to cater for numerous weddings. For that reason, we’ve had our fair share of the best wedding ideas in the book.

    Don’t end up saying “I wish I did that at my wedding!”. Read the wedding ideas we’ve rounded up to make the most out of your special day.


    Arrange for A Unique Aisle Design

    The aisle is a long path laid down for the bride to walk down. The grand entrance of the bride is one of the most special and most photographed moments to happen during the ceremony. You and your partner will make a trip down the aisle together when you exit as a newlywed as well. 

    With that in mind, the wedding aisle decor needs to be well-planned. While it’s true that some couples want a simple aisle design, there’s no harm in trying out something that’s unique.

    Line the aisle with vivid flower petals to bring life to the ceremony. Use bohemian rugs to create a rustic wedding ambiance. Outline the area with wild vines. Try walking down a water aisle barefoot while guests hold a candle.

    Get as creative as you want with it! Remember that the moment should leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.


    Set Up an Aesthetic Photo Booth Backdrop

    When it comes to wedding receptions, snapping for a few poses in the photo booth is one of the most sought after activities by guests. Make sure the backdrop is aesthetic and eye-catching. It’s the focal point of your photo booth!

    Think about including neon-lighted phrases, balloons, banners, string lights, chalkboard walls, props, curtains, or covering the area with beautiful floral arrangements. You can make it as aesthetic as you’d like.

    Consider hiring Juan Carlo because our packages have all that you’ll need for your wedding, even the setting up of thematic backdrops.


    Serve Pre-Reception Cocktails and Snacks

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    Wedding ceremonies typically last for about an hour. During that time, your guests might get a little hungry or thirsty. They won’t be expecting drinks until the reception.

    Why don’t you give them a pleasant surprise and tell your wedding caterer to serve pre-reception cocktails? Doing so will do wonders for lifting the mood of your guests. 

    Food doesn’t have to be limited to when everyone sits down either. Have a number of waiters going around to offer delicious appetizers. At Juan Carlo, we allow clients to personalize their menus. Simply tell us what your food options will be and we can serve it!  


    Offer a Diverse Menu

    Just like any other event, food is one of the most anticipated parts of weddings. Needless to say, your guests will be anticipating a variety of dishes. This will include appetizers, soup, salad, main course, beverages, and desserts.

    Be extra careful in planning for your menu as some food combinations don’t match together. An experienced and world-class caterer like Juan Carlo will be able to offer the best set menu. As the best catering service provider in the Philippines, we offer world-class cuisines that guarantee guest satisfaction.


    Upgrade The Souvenirs

    After your wedding ceremony and reception ends without a hitch, it’s time to send your guests home. For the ultimate day ender, offer souvenirs to remember the special day. A good way to do this is to match the souvenirs with the wedding theme.

    For example, bottles of olive oil will be fitting if you have a Greek wedding theme. If you have a rustic ambiance to your event, luxe candles with earthy scents are the perfect final touch. If you opt for food treats, there’s no better way than to give out sweet desserts placed in beautiful boxes.

    Skip the usual picture frames and mugs! Choose to give out souvenirs that will give delight to your guests.


    Key Takeaway

    If you’re on the search for the best wedding ideas, we’ve got five of them above!

    Let Juan Carlo serve for your wedding. As the leading catering service in the Philippines, we are committed to making your dream wedding come to life. Rest assured that your big day would be filled with nothing but delight and memorable experiences.

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