Juan Carlo: Your Go-To For The Best Private Catering Package In The Philippines

August 2, 2020

When it comes to parties, there are people who desire planning the grandest celebrations. However, there are others who want to keep things exclusive by choosing to host a private party. If you aren’t all about extravagance, Juan Carlo offers the best private catering services in the Philippines.    

Let’s face it, hosting any party takes an enormous amount of time and effort. From menu planning all the way down to the venue — the number of tasks to be considered can be a hefty feat. Sure, you can just try to go with the flow of the event, but working with professionals will surely give you the best results. 

Behind every great private party is a team that ensures everything runs smoothly. As the country’s premier catering and event services company, Juan Carlo is ready to provide the best private catering package in the Philippines for you. Read on to find out why you should trust our company and learn about the packages we offer.   

Private Catering Packages

Private Catering Packages

With our fully customizable best private party catering packages in the Philippines, everything you need is included. This doesn’t only make it possible to stick to your budget, it also ensures a hassle-free event. The best part? Our team caters to all kinds of occasions. 

Whether it be your wedding, your children’s party, a debut, or even a corporate gathering  — Juan Carlo guarantees that every event is nothing less than magical. We understand that you want to make every moment special. This is why we offer complete packages for you. 

Wedding Catering Package

For couples tying the knot, Juan Carlo offers a one-stop private catering package in the Philippines! We will turn your big day into something truly unforgettable. 

After the ceremony proper comes the wedding reception. It is an important part of the event! You will be with your loved ones celebrating the rest of the night so make sure to make it worth all the while.

Choosing the perfect reception venue is one of the major elements you’ll have to consider as it makes up the event’s atmosphere. With Juan Carlo, you will never have to worry about booking the wrong place. Simply choose from our wide-ranging portfolio of intimate wedding venues in the Philippines

Want to hold your big day at a resort? Check out Acuatico Beach Resort. Thinking of imparting a rustic feel to your guests? We’ve got the Old Grove Farmstead ready for you. No matter what your ideal venue for your wedding, we’ve got it covered! 

Along with our partnered venues, our team consists of world-class chefs who will let you and your wedding guests experience iconic dishes. Every dish that is served is fresh and crafted with meticulously chosen ingredients that give an unparalleled taste and design. 

Choose from our extensive menu options of starters, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and free-flowing beverages. Whether you opt for plated meals or a full-serviced buffet, our waiters in uniform will provide a delightful dining experience for you and your guests. 

At Juan Carlo, our team assures you a hassle-free wedding. We provide a top-notch event planner just for you! You’ll never have to worry about every nitty-gritty detail. 

Leave the planning and executions to us. From the reception styling, food tasting sessions, to the program flow during your event day, rest assured that we’ve got everything handled.  

Debut Catering Package

The debut marks the day a young lady steps into adulthood. It’s a coming-of-age event that deserves nothing but the best celebration. Let Juan Carlo make your magical day come to life! 

Apart from our full-service catering services and top-notch venues, Juan Carlo tops off your debut with inclusive chinaware cutlery, fine linens, tables, and chairs. Our team will be in charge of the reception styling using exquisitely curated centerpieces, thematic backdrops, elegantly styled tables, chairs, name tags, table menu cards, and registration tables. 

It doesn’t stop there! We also offer complimentary essentials such as an energetic emcee, a three-layered fondant cake designed to your liking, a light and sound system, 18 candles and 18 roses, debutante’s bouquet, a princess chair for the debutant, and even a red carpet or a bubble machine! All you’ll need to bring during your 18th birthday is that beautiful smile of yours! 

Children’s Party Catering Package

The fondest memories of a person are from their childhood. A child brings every moment remembered to their journey of adulthood. There’s no better way to give your little ones the best memories than throwing them the best birthday parties. 

Make our team your go-to for children’s private catering packages in the Philippines. Juan Carlo can craft the perfect theme for your child and make the little ones have the best time of their lives. We help personalize every children’s party to ensure that every guest is delighted — including parents and grandparents! 

Our children’s party package is inclusive of an eye-catching buffet set-up with food labels, kiddie tables and chair sets, styled dining tables, table numbers, and amazing centerpieces. 

Kids can be really picky with food. But don’t fret! We also have kiddie meals perfect for them. The best part about the Juan Carlo experience? Everything is matched with your child’s chosen theme. Whether your little one is all about princesses or car concepts, we can definitely coordinate it for you! 

Corporate Event Catering Package

Every once in a while, your team needs to have a much-needed gathering to discuss business affairs over meals. Corporate meals play a vital role in boosting the morale of your valued employees. There’s no other way to let your whole company enjoy it than by hosting a corporate party. 

Hire Juan Carlo for your next corporate event. You won’t regret doing so as we will create an atmosphere of professionalism with your event’s main goal in mind. From the finest dishes we serve all the way to the well-decorated venue — our top-notch service will manage your event flawlessly.  

Our team can cover all kinds of corporate events like private meetings, product launches, brand launches, and even Christmas parties. We will present you with a package that includes a buffet setup, dining tables with numbers, registration tables, table to table centerpieces, and cordial staff in uniform. 

You are the boss when it comes to choosing the best private catering package in the Philippines. Choose from our partner venues to know where to hold your corporate gathering or let us come to you! We can always adjust our services to your preferences. 

Why You Should Trust Juan Carlo

Why You Should Trust Juan Carlo

Professionalism At Its Finest

Juan Carlo has been in service since 1995. Thanks to the trust given to us by our clients, we aren’t just known for being the country’s premier catering and events company, we also offer the best private catering package in the Philippines and mini buffet catering in the Philippines. 

Our professionalism enabled us to serve various events such as weddings, debuts, kiddie parties, and corporate gatherings. We are proud to have catered to high-profile events such as Carmina and Zoren’s Wedding, Ogie and Regine’s Wedding, Kathryn Bernardo’s Debut, Julia Montes’ Debut, and Daniel Padilla’s Birthday.   

No event is too small for Juan Carlo. Rest assured that your private party will meet the superior quality standards. Our team will see to it that every moment will be smooth-sailing and each guest will have the time of their lives.   

Industry Recognized

Juan Carlo is an award-winning company with recognitions such as The Big Banquet Best Service, Culinaire 2017: Flight of Flavors Best Main Dish, PhilWeddings International Bridal Expo Singapore 2017 Overall Top-Grosser, and many more. 

World-Class Food Experience

Our world-class chefs provide excellent dishes to satisfy your taste buds. We offer extensive menu options for the best private catering package in the Philippines. Enjoy our full-course meals! All complete with appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and beverages. 

Delicious food is essential to any event. With us, you can find out which dishes you want beforehand. Prior to the day of the event, you can schedule a personal food tasting session for our team.

While we have time-tested menus for your food needs, we can also serve the cuisines you prefer. From traditional Filipino recipes to even Middle Eastern dishes! We can alter our menu to fit your tastes.  

Client – Tailored

All Juan Carlo events have given us valuable insights on how to serve our clients better. You are our main priority. 

The catering services we organize are personalized to match your preferences. Our team’s mission is to support any private event idea you have. Everything we incorporate has a personal touch to it. 

In addition, you won’t even have to worry about breaking the bank. We price our packages reasonably, making them perfect for your private event. 

Choose Juan Carlo For The Best Private Catering Package In The Philippines!

With over 25 years of expertise, Juan Carlo is here to provide the most outstanding catering services for you. Our team is with you from the moment of conceptualization to the day of your dream event. 

World-class food experience, exquisite reception styling, and client-tailored solutions, Juan Carlo can transform every event into an amazing celebration.

Click here to learn more about how we can make your private party memorable!


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