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    6 Best Filipino Dishes for A Christmas Party

    What are the best Filipino dishes for a Christmas Party?

    1. Crispy Lechon
    2. Different Kinds of Pancit
    3. Filipino Style Sweet Spaghetti
    4. Lumpiang Shanghai
    5. Christmas Ham
    6. Fruit Salad

    Back then, December was fully scheduled with Christmas parties. These gatherings happened at the office, school, and also family reunions. People would bring their own pot luck which is either cooked at home or ordered from a restaurant. Companies would hire catering services that would serve professional multi-course meals from appetizer to desserts. Buffets and dining tables would be served with delicious dishes. The holiday seasons are coming soon and you should plan for it too! To help you we listed down below the best Filipino dishes for a Christmas party!

    Crispy Lechon

    Crispy Lechon

    Lechon is a Filipino favorite not just at Christmas parties but also at other big celebrations. This is a special dish that is not commonly seen in regular meals. That’s why when you serve it at your party it will quickly become the center of attention. There are two ways you can cook it. One is slowly roasting a whole pig over charcoal or cooking smaller parts of a pig on a frying pan, which is called lechong kawali.

    The appeal of this dish is its crispy skin. When you chop a Lechon, the skin is the first thing that will run out. If the pork is roasted properly the meat will become very tender.  When you eat it, it will melt in your mouth. It is often paired with a Filipino-style sweet gravy or sour vinegar depending on your taste.

    This dish will be an instant hit at your party. Remember to cook a lot of rice!

    Different Kinds of Pancit

    Pancit is the Filipino version of pasta. It is a noodle dish that is served without soup, but instead different flavors of sauce and toppings. The noodles are very long that’s why locals call it “pampahaba ng buhay” or something you eat to lengthen your life.

    In the Philippines, there are many types of Pancit depending on where you live. There is Pancit Malabon, Pancit Bam-i of Cebu, Pancit Palabok, Pancit canton, and many more! Seriously, Filipinos really love pancit.

    Filipino Style Sweet Spaghetti


    Another noodle dish is the local’s version of spaghetti. Spaghetti from other countries is typically served in slightly sour tomato sauce. But Filipinos have a sweet-tooth as can be seen in this dish. The spaghetti sauce is mixed with sugar or condensed milk. What really sets this apart is the toppings! Aside from ground meat the unique ingredient is chopped hotdogs. This is why this is served at children’s birthday parties. But adults like this too!

    Lumpiang Shanghai

    Lumpia is basically ground meat mixed with vegetables like carrots and onions then rolled in egg roll wrappers. After that it is deep-fried in hot oil, resulting in crispy lumpia.

    Lumpiang Shanghai is often served with a sweet and sour dip or ketchup. Remember to make a lot of these as locals really love this dish. You may also be guilty of trying one while you’re cooking. This is perfect served with rice, pancit, or eaten on its own.

    Christmas Ham

    Traditional Sliced Honey Glazed Ham

    If you receive a Christmas basket from your office you are really lucky if you find a Christmas ham. A Hamon, as locals call it, is a pre-cooked ham that is typically sweet. It is incorporated into many dishes or served with queso de bola, a round cheese. This is eaten both on Christmas and New Year dinner in the Philippines.

    Fruit Salad

    What is a Christmas party without dessert? The most popular choice for Filipinos is the fruit salad. Different cuts of fruits are mixed with coconut shreds and coconut cubes into condensed milk and heavy cream. Normally, home-prepared fruit salad uses canned fruit cocktails. More fancy choices include fresh fruits.

    Key Takeaway

    Every family has their own version of lechon, pancit, spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, hamon dish, and fruit salad. But if you really want to make the holidays special and have the best Filipino dishes for a Christmas party, hiring a catering service in the Philippines is the best choice. Instead of cooking all these dishes alone, you can relax and decorate your party while waiting for the professionals to prepare your meals. Juan Carlo can help you make your Christmas party a memorable one.

    If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us here. We also cater to weddings, debuts, corporate events, and children’s parties.