Best Catering Services Manila

February 9, 2023

When it comes to the best catering services in Manila, none can match the accolades, reputation, and excellence that Juan Carlo has amassed in its 25 plus years in the industry. With world-class food, quality service, and many years of experience under our belt, Juan Carlo is the premier catering service in Manila accessible not only to renowned celebrities and personalities but to anyone else looking to organize the event of their dreams

Events That Can Be Catered by Juan Carlo

Why Manila Is the Right Location for Your Event

If you live in Metro Manila, it can be tempting to stage your wedding in an out-of-town resort or events place if not entirely overseas. However, that shouldn’t be your first priority because Manila has all the right places and services to satisfy your event needs. From beautiful scenery and settings to spacious venues fit for any size, Manila really has it all. The key is to specify and articulate what kind of theme and motif you have in mind for your dream event.

Whether the wedding you had in mind is romantic, movie-esque, or paying close homage to Filipino roots, one of the best local catering services like Juan Carlo can surely find a location, venue, and set-up that is perfect for you.

The Best Venues in Manila for Your Dream Event

Although there are more venues and event spaces in Manila that are available for your needs, here are 4 specific venues that are not only ideal but also partnered with Juan Carlo to provide quality and excellent catering.

La Castellana

Located in the heart of Intramuros, La Castellana is an elegant and charming venue that is supplemented by a rich historical atmosphere that is sure to bring out some of the best aspects of Philippine culture.

In terms of the specific halls and function rooms within La Castellana, the Salon de Joaquin ballroom is the main hall that is perfect for your wedding reception or debut. From breathtaking crystal chandeliers to the exquisite architecture of the ballroom itself, there are no shortages of enchanting, graceful elements that are sure to make you feel like royalty.

Supplemented by a magnificent Sala de Gleceria bridal suite, a relaxing ‘al fresco’ courtyard in the form of the El Jardin de la Luz, and amazing service from the best catering service in Manila, your dream wedding is sure to be an amazing experience from start to finish.

One Esplanade

The One Esplanade is an events place that is situated near Manila Bay. That alone should be enough to give you a different aesthetic and feel, but One Esplanade goes above and beyond with its modern take on the principles of design.

There are 3 available function halls depending on your event needs, and each of them stand-out in their own unique ways. The Coral Hall is an immense room with a contemporary design and a capacity of 800 people. It is usually split into two smaller halls, Coral A and B, since many events don’t need that much space. If a space for 400 people is still too much for your event, then the equally beautiful Pearl hall is also available with a seating capacity of 150.

The Pergola

Simple, but memorable. These words best describe the unique octagon-shaped reception hall of The Pergola. Medium-sized events work best with The Pergola due to its seating capacity of 150-220 people. If that is not enough, the venue can be adjusted and modified to hold bigger events. Surrounding the venue itself is a lush tropical garden with a spacious terrace and a fish pond with a scenic waterfall to boot.

One thing that is understated about this venue is its location. It can be found within the CCP Complex in Pasay City. This makes it a convenient and accessible location for all your would-be guests.

Blue Leaf Filipinas

The Blue Leaf Filipinas events place is all about the Modern Filipino aesthetic, and no one pulls it off better. It is probably one of the most beautiful and elegant spaces you can find in Metro Manila. It comes equipped with 3 event halls with varying capacities ranging from 200 to 500 guests and 3 function halls for smaller gatherings like corporate events.

The real edge this venue has over others is its beautiful design. All of the 3 main event halls were beautifully constructed — boasting contemporary architectural designs that were inspired by Filipino culture. Lavish flora surrounds the whole venue while a five-meter tall waterfall and a feature staircase overlooking the gardens ensure that you get to witness an impeccable backdrop to your wonderful event. With the help of one of the best catering services in Manila, your event will become truly unforgettable.

Why Juan Carlo’s Catering Services is the Best in Manila

All the aforementioned venues and so much more are all partnered with Juan Carlo, the best catering service in Manila. Whether it’s the arena of wedding packages in the Philippines or otherwise, the reason why we’re the best is due to our uncompromising quality, consistency, and reasonable pricing. Aside from that, we are partnered with venues and spaces outside of Manila! If you are really interested in hosting an event, party, wedding, or debut in places like Tagaytay or Batangas, Juan Carlo is still a viable and reliable option for your catering needs.

When it comes to catering in Manila, Juan Carlo has won many awards and recognitions in the industry and has many high profile celebrities and personalities that are part of our clientele. Juan Carlo is simply the right caterer to make your dream event a reality.

If you want to see a list of the many different venues Juan Carlo is partnered with, click here. If you want to check our rates, request a food tasting, and inquire about other details, click here!