Memories in Snapshots: The Best Catering in Manila as Seen in Star-Studded Events

Memories in Snapshots: The Best Catering in Manila as Seen in Star-Studded Events

What does it mean to provide the best catering in Manila? Well, for the prominent people here in the Philippines, it’s about an unforgettable night that turns into lasting memories for them and their family which they share over delicious food. There is something about great food that is not only nutritious for the body but nurtures the soul as well.

For momentous occasions, it is only fitting that good food graces the presence of the greatest people in your life because they deserve nothing but the best. That is why most caterings in Manila are geared towards providing an experience that you are going to remember even after the celebration is over.

Filipinos take their food very seriously, especially during celebrations like birthdays, weddings, debuts, and any other event types. There is something about great food that instantly lightens up the mood and brightens the atmosphere.

Of course, you would not want your event to be dull, right? More than what the event made them feel, people will surely remember how their dining experience was enhanced thanks to the catering service present then.

Let these throwbacks to your favorite celebrities’ momentous occasions serve as your guide in identifying what a great catering experience should be and aim to have the same glamour and style in your next event.


Qualities of the Perfect Food-Tasting Experience

Qualities of the Perfect Food-Tasting Experience

The qualities of the perfect food-tasting experience are determined by the way it appeals to your senses. Aside from the taste, the best food tends to remain in your memories, creating a lasting experience aided by the feeling that you had when you enjoyed the meal.

Having great food at your celebration is one way to show appreciation to your guests for sharing their time with you. The defined characteristics of food can be seen in how it provides a satisfaction to the palate and how it can alter the mood of the person who eats it in the most favorable way as possible. If you know the qualities of the perfect food-tasting experience, then you would know which caterer you can call for your event.

Check them out here:



Have you ever wondered why we describe a particular aroma as sweet or spicy? This is because your sense of smell can also be influenced by taste. Great food appeals to your sense of smell just as much as it does to your sense of taste.

That period of time that you spend waiting for your food to be served can be excruciating, especially when you’re hungry. But once it comes around and it envelops you with the aromatic succulence of well-made food, the sensations can be divine.

There is actually a scientific explanation to this: according to Sca News, the sense of smell is one of the main reasons why you have an organoleptic experience, otherwise known as the act involving the use of the sense organs when you are tasting great food. You can smell things via two pathways which are through the nostrils and the other is up through the throat.

Smells can influence tastes; it can either make or break a dish. If the smell of the food is somewhat unappetizing, then it will lose its appeal. However, in some cases, the smell can be far from what the taste of food actually is. But when it comes to catering services, you should opt for food that envelops the environment with the most exquisite smells. This can serve as a teaser for the anticipation of a great food-tasting experience.



There is a difference between describing the taste of food and describing its texture. The texture is not equal to taste, but it plays a crucial part in a great food-tasting experience nonetheless. The texture of the food can be responsible for influencing your perception of the quality of the food.

Tracey Ann Hollowood, Rob S. T. Linforth, and Andrew Taylor confirmed this in their study in 2002 named The Effect of Viscosity on the Perception of Flavour. Your perspective in determining if food is favorable or not greatly depends on the structure of food which is identified by a trained sensory panel that assesses flavor and sweetness.

No one likes tough, hard-to-chew food, especially when it comes to meat. All in all, satisfying this criteria points to food preparation and the cooking methods that have been used in the dish. Another factor to look into is product delivery because the utensils or cutleries that have been paired with food can also influence the sense of touch.



Good food benefits from a great presentation. It doesn’t even have to be an extravagant display of the food, either; it only needs to be a clean and crisp visualization of the dish.

There’s something about the sight of food that directly influences the body’s reaction to it. Popular fast-food chains recognize this quality. Have you ever wondered why there are many restaurants who use warm colors like red and orange as part of their brand visuals? It is because these colors can impact your biological features even when you are unaware of it.

According to Business Insider, there have been many studies that have come to the conclusion that the color red can be stimulating, exciting, and can significantly increase your heart rate. This is why people associate this color with feeling hungry.

Although heart rate and appetite are not necessarily in the same scope of things, with proper presentation, the sight of food can trigger your appetite which in turn increases your heart rate. Color can alter your mood, which is why the sight of great food can influence your behavior.

Bottom line, great food should be served in the best possible visual presentation as possible. Once you consider the aesthetics of your food, it can greatly complement the hard work of the chef. Your guests will surely have a ball when they see Instagram-worthy dishes in front of them.



Maybe the choir of angels singing after you take your first bite of that delicious dish is not just a figment of your imagination. Or maybe it is, but either way, your sense of hearing also determines the quality of great food.

This is greatly exhibited during the process of cooking the food. The sizzle when frying something or the slow burn of coal as food roasts have associated sounds with it. As our relationship with food changes, it becomes easier to associate certain sounds with particular foods.

Just like all the other food experiences, sound can also alter your mood and change your perception, depending on your personal encounters. Think about this: when you are eating fried chicken, there is a certain satisfaction with hearing the crunch of the crispy skin as you bite on it. Zampini and Spence’s study in 2004 supports this claim with their study of potato chips. They found that either the crispness or staleness of the snack influences various perceptions.
The mystery of how the brain comprehends these sensations are yet to be known but when the food is that good, you wouldn’t have the time to pause and think about it.



The most important criterion here is obviously, taste. This is because taste is a combination of all the sensational experiences you have with the prior senses mentioned here. The disparities with the individual perceptions that you have received from those senses are provided clarity and unraveled by taste.

Simply put, you cannot remove all the other senses as they are associated with taste. It is that powerful to be a central point in the conversation of great-tasting food. As food evolves, so does the capability of taste to influence behavior and perception. Great-tasting food does not have any explanation, it just is.


The Top 8 Memorable Celebrations with the Best Catering in Manila

The Top 8 Memorable Celebrations with the Best Catering in Manila

Yan Asuncion and Yeng Constantino

As perfect harmonies go together, the swell of music makes sense to those who listen to it, just as Pinoy Dream Academy champion Yeng Constantino and her beau Yan Asuncion said ‘I do’ to the tune of their hearts. Their garden wedding was celebrated with their family and friends, as many people looked on with awe in the social media updates of their guests.


Ardy Roberto and Miriam Quiambao

The best love stories begin as friendships. That was the case for Mr. Ardy Roberto and his Mrs., Miriam Quiambao. The Miss Universe 1999 first runner-up tied the knot with her long-time friend, marking the start of their God-centered marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Roberto is now living the happy family life with their son, Joshua and they are inspirational speakers as well.


Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez

The wedding, held in picturesque Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu Batangas, was one for the books. It was dubbed as the Wedding of the Decade as Asia’s songbird walked the aisle in her non-traditional red gown to meet her prince charming. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Ogie Alcasid are still constantly weaving their happiness together to make the perfect love song with their son, Nate, as a great addition to the tune.


Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel

As the blushing bride in her beautiful and graceful gown in a venue with the best catering in Manila, Carmina did not have a clue that a surprise wedding was in store for her that night. It was a magical night as they shared the surprise with their beautiful children and the people closest to them.


Liza Soberano’s 18th Birthday

Put together remarkable beauty, talent, and grace, and you’ll have Liza Soberano. Years after the surprise occasion, the Darna lead celebrated her Bohemian-themed 18th birthday with a handful of her friends and family. It was a very intimate event just like Liza wanted because she did not yearn for a grand debut.


Kathryn Bernardo

Girls from all over the country gushed as Kathryn celebrated a dreamy 18th birthday party. It is a sweet celebration of the star’s birthday and it was perfectly complemented by the last dance with her sweetheart, Daniel Padilla. A night filled with stars and smiles all around, this debut is surely one for the books.


Nora Aunor’s 60th Birthday

A superstar in the country but someone who chose to celebrate her 60th birthday in a simple way, with family and friends. At the Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall, her birthday celebration also served as a tribute to her shining career at showbiz.


Maine Mendoza’s 21st Birthday

The Kapuso star celebrated her Coachella-themed 21st birthday with the people closest to her and her supportive fans as they surprised her with this party. It was a great night for Maine as she is surrounded by the best people in her life and of course, great food!


Recognizing the Best Catering in Manila

Recognizing a Great Catering Service as the Best Catering in Manila

Finding a catering service that is right for you all depends on your taste and the purpose of the celebration. A truly versatile catering service like the best catering in Manila can cater to these requirements whatever they may be and without a glitch along the way. What else can be said for recognizing a great catering service in Manila? Find out below!


The Passion for Food is There

It becomes obvious if passion is absent in the way the food is prepared and how it tastes. Chefs have a way of injecting their personality into their food and if it doesn’t shine through then they are probably not passionate enough. The best catering in Manila has great knowledge of this because their efforts are all born out of passion. Just by looking at their intricate menu and how they strive to make celebrations the best there is, then you can see that the love for food is there.


They Have a Great Personality

No matter the style of food service is, they should show great personality. Catering is more than just food, it is also about people. If the catering staff does not exhibit courteous behavior or they do not know how to smooth out a hiccup, then it is probable that this attitude will be sustained for the rest of the event. Personality is important because this is what gives character to the food. Notice this the next time you are looking for suppliers and see that the best catering in Manila has got this quality down lock.


Creativity Comes Naturally

In food and decorations, creativity and originality are what you should definitely look for. This will make all the difference in making your party extraordinary. In particular, having a themed party should be done in a creative way, unlike others that have come before it. This is what makes a catering service the best because they can inject creativity as naturally as possible.


Fun Celebrations, Good Food: Share them with Juan Carlo


Industry recognition is just part of the charm of the best catering in Manila. But, in order to be recognized as one, it takes a great deal of commitment, passion, and remarkable customer service. Juan Carlo remains to be at the top of their game by exhibiting great qualities in catering service. With exquisite selections in food and the best in catering details, no one does it better than Juan Carlo. More than just a brand, the family-owned catering service makes it a point that hard work and creativity is injected in every event they cater to. Party like the stars with Juan Carlo! Click here to know more.

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