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    3 Benefits of a Bespoke Service for Your Debut

    What are the benefits of having a bespoke service for your debut?

    1. You have the freedom to choose what you want.
    2. You get to work with attentive and skilled event planners.
    3. Your debut becomes one of a kind 

    Debuts mark one of the most magical moments in the life of a young lady. To many debutantes, they want that night to be an unforgettable one, surrounded by their friends and family. That’s why many choose to have a bespoke debut. This article talks about three important benefits of a bespoke debut, but let’s first define what that is before diving into details.

    A bespoke event is one tailored for a specific person. Event planners and caterers take into account the celebrant’s wishes and do their best to make those dreams come true. For debutantes, this would be the theme, program, and food they want to have for their 18th birthday celebration. So, what are the benefits of having this kind of event? Keep reading to learn more!

    You have the freedom to choose what you want.

    During a debut, the celebrant must feel like that day was made, especially for her. By providing them with a bespoke service, you give them the chance to plan the celebration of their dreams. What better way to make a debutante feel special than by allowing them to make the most important choice for her birthday? They can decide on the theme, color scheme, catering menu, and even the design of the cake.

    With this kind of freedom, no two debut parties are the same. Each has its special characteristics that usually reflect the debutante herself. Here at Juan Carlo, we do our best to accommodate the ideas of our debutantes and their planning committee through our bespoke approach. We love to see their ideas come to life, making that moment worthwhile for the debutante and her family.

    You get to work with attentive and skilled event planners.

    You get to work with attentive and skilled event planners.

    To plan a bespoke service for a debut, you must work with an experienced and professional event planner. They help you create your dream event by providing their professional opinion and skills for event planning. Debutants and their families share their ideas with their planner, while the planner does their part in bringing these ideas to life by recommending services, timelines, and designs for the celebration.

    With their excellent communication skills, event planners can streamline communication for the event. This allows all suppliers and services to know who they need to speak to, avoiding miscommunication during planning.

    An event planner immediately turns into the right-hand man of debutantes as they help celebrants develop their dream event. They help families lower the stress levels of planning by staying on top of tasks until the event itself.

    Your debut becomes one of a kind

    Your debut becomes one of a kind

    No debuts are alike, especially when hiring a bespoke service. They provide you with lots of room for customization as a debutante and her family lays out the vision they want for their magical day.

    Here at Juan Carlo, we take on this same approach for our debut catering services. Clients can expect our experienced staff members to ask many questions when they first start planning with us. As the ideas get refined, however, the little quirks come through, and we can put together something, unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

    Here are some of the amenities we offer to our debutantes for our debut catering services:

    • A backdrop created by our artisans
    • A selection of linen to match your color motif
    • Dressed-up tables for cakes, gifts, registration, and giveaways
    • Dining tables and lavish centerpieces
    • Three-layered fondant cake of your chosen design
    • Lights and sound system

    Such is the case for every debut, and each one we’ve put together has been even better than the last. One thing you can count on, regardless of the uniqueness, is a night of fun and whimsical beauty fit for a princess.

    Key Takeaway

    This article highlighted some benefits of a bespoke debut. but you have to see it to know how it feels. With the help of professional event planners, debutantes can create the celebration of their dreams through this special approach.

    Debuts at Juan Carlo are brought to life by the care and precision we take to ensure the quality of our food, decor, amenities, venue, and hosting. Most of all, the bespoke nature of the event means that the debutante can fully enjoy her evening and truly feel the perks of growing up with her loved ones by her side.

    At Juan Carlo, we value the opinions of our clients the most. When it comes to debuts, we want the lucky girl and her family to be the center of the event planning and execution. Contact us here to get a quote for our debut catering services as well as our full list of amenities for this event.