5 Benefits of Hiring a Caterer for Corporate Events

November 9, 2020

What are the benefits of hiring a caterer for corporate events?

  1. Wide variety of menu choices
  2. Professionally prepared meals
  3. High-quality service from beginning to end
  4. Less stress in your planning process
  5. Make your event memorable

Planning and executing a corporate event is a daunting task. You have to make invitations, wait for responses, think of a theme, work within a budget, prepare entertainment, and most importantly, prepare food for the guests. You have to have enough manpower and skills to prepare meals for a large group of people. In this case, it is advisable to hire professional help. In line with this, we listed down the benefits of hiring a caterer for corporate events.

Wide Variety of Menu Choices

A veteran caterer will offer you a fair amount of choices when it comes to their dishes. Their chefs are trained to cook various types of cuisines. They will offer options for different diets such as vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, low-carb, and others. Your meals can also depend on what kind of event you are planning. This is useful when having guests that cannot eat specific food because of diet constraints.

Professionally Prepared Meals

Professionally Prepared Meals

Hiring caterers ensure that you only serve professionally made food to your guests. Preparing buffets for many people requires skill. It is not the same as cooking homemade dishes at home. Imagine the effort you have to go through when shopping for ingredients for 100 guests, cooking it, and making sure that all of it tastes good. Caterers are veterans in this area as they have already served many clients before.

High-Quality Service from Beginning to End

A caterer’s service will begin with a free food tasting for its prospective clients. On the day of the event, the dishes are freshly made. The food will then be transported carefully to the event place. A caterer will usually include a set-up of buffet tables, dining tables, chairs, and also centerpieces. The service will also come with professional waiters in uniform. After that, they will also clean up the plates and the setup.

Less Stress in Your Planning Process

Tattooed woman planning

With all of these aspects of service that a caterer can offer, an event planner will experience less stress in organizing a corporate event. There is no need to hire an additional logistics supplier for dining and buffet tables. Labor is also lessened as the caterer has its in-house chefs and waiters for your event. The cooking process will be delegated to someone else without the need to worry about renting a big kitchen, shopping for ingredients, and thinking of a menu. The time and energy saved on these tasks can be used in planning other aspects of your event. All you have to do is attend a food tasting.

Make Your Event Memorable

Good food is always unforgettable. There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When you serve someone delicious food they will think of you in a good way. It signifies the care and effort you put into preparing what other people will like. A caterer can prepare a vast array of dishes for your guests from appetizer to dessert. The waiters will serve each course in succession making it feel like eating in a high-quality restaurant. The professional service of a caterer includes impressive buffet set-up, decorated dining tables, and uniformed waiters. All of these combined will make your event look expensive and well organized.


Key Takeaway

Planning a corporate event can be a tiring task if you have to do everything by yourself. You have to worry about many things on your checklist. One main problem of many planners is food. Serving good meals to your guests is already considered a success. That’s why there are benefits of hiring a caterer for corporate events.

At Juan Carlo, we pride ourselves on our long list of clients. If you have any requests the head chef will be there at the food tasting to help you. Our veteran chefs are trained to prepare a variety of high-quality dishes for your events. All of these are supervised by the chairman himself, Alex Michael U. del Rosario. We will make sure that the dining experience of your guests is comfortable from set-up to clean up. Our cordial waiters are always there to assist your needs at the event.

If you want to reserve a food tasting, kindly contact us here. We hope that you will have a memorable event with Juan Carlo.


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