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    Ultimate Barn Wedding Planning Checklist

    How do you plan a barn wedding?

    1. Plan Barn Logistics and Budgeting
    2. Consider Weather and Outdoor Concerns
    3. Hire Vendors
    4. Design the Venue
    5. Send Out Invitations


    Are you and your future spouse into rustic, old-fashioned, and casual get-togethers? A country-style barn wedding should best suit your interests. Barn weddings are unlike any other wedding. From planning all logistical aspects down to the nitty-gritty of sending out invitations, take a look at this comprehensive barn wedding planning checklist to ensure a hassle-free celebration.


    Plan Barn Logistics and Budgeting

    An outdoor wedding reception

    A barn is an intimate and unique place to hold a wedding. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to find a venue like no other where they can take breathtaking photos. Barn weddings are an incredible choice in terms of wedding venues. They offer amenities unlike any banquet hall or traditional events space.

    When it comes to budgeting a barn wedding, you must be flexible and open to extra costs. Be ready for the price of lighting, backup tents, and commercial cleaning. In addition to that, make sure you are equipped with industrial extension cords to accommodate the needs of the vendors. You may coordinate all of your logistics planning with the manager of the barn venue and align all your requirements to ensure a worry-free celebration.


    Consider Weather and Outdoor Concerns

    Barn wedding venues like the Old Grove Farmstead are located in the midst of lush greens and tall trees to mimic the feeling of being in an actual barn. Given the location, you must consider the weather conditions of the country depending on the season. If you are celebrating mid-May to November, expect rainy days ahead. On the other hand, a summer barn wedding presents a flawless celebration. Choose a barn that provides climate-control through AC units to combat inclement or sunny outdoor weather.

    Having industrial fans in the venue can provide air circulation during the summer. Otherwise, include functional yet stylish paper fans for your guests. These fans can also serve as giveaways. On a final note, you must consider the weather and outdoor conditions when choosing the guest dress code. For the summer season, avoid requesting the gents to wear suits and ties as this can be extremely uncomfortable.


    Hire Vendors

    Served wedding catering

    After considering the logistics and the weather conditions, move on to one of the exciting parts of barn wedding planning: hiring catering services. For barn weddings, farmstead cuisine presents the most suitable and tasteful dishes. Whether you wish to have food served buffet-style or cocktail-style, a barn that can accommodate a total of 300 people will surely be able to hold plenty of food station vendors. Compared to a buffet-style, a traditional plated-style menu eliminates waiting time in lines and reduces waste. Normally, a traditional plated menu will consist of appetizers, the main course, dessert, and drinks.

    Choosing between the two styles of food serving can be quite tricky. There are plenty of factors to consider, including serving amounts and the preferences of guests. In addition to that, you must pay attention to food with allergens.


    Design the Venue

    When you hear the word barn, you initially think of random and leftover farming accouterments such as hay, boots, and pieces of logs. While all of this makes for an operational barn, faux barns created for weddings provide a decent venue for formal celebrations. It may not have the same amenities as traditional events facilities, but it is more conducive for wedding receptions. Create your own designs or find a local vintage rental shop to find the must-have rustic decorations for all barn weddings. Here are some prime examples:

    • Tarnished brass lamps
    • Wooden water or whiskey barrels
    • Wooden benches and mason jars
    • Chalkboard signs
    • Distressed furniture and faded couches


    Send Out Invitations

    Rustic wedding invitations

    Invitations are deemed one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding. Set the tone for guest expectations and prepare them for the occasion. Take note, your invitation is the first impression your guests will have. With that, make sure to use the right template, colors, as well as materials. Stick to lace hessian or burlaps and paper twines for a vintage and rustic look. For gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, wrap them in newspapers or put them in crafty boxes to achieve the shabby chic look.


    Key Takeaway

    A barn wedding holds plenty of opportunities for breathtaking photos. Although barns are unique venues to hold a wedding reception in, barn wedding planning can be quite tricky in terms of logistics and budgeting. You will have to consider the needs of your vendors, guests, as well as the outdoor weather conditions. Nevertheless, taking planning seriously and letting the barn venue management know your plans should create the best experience for you and your future spouse.