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    How To Host a Baptismal Celebration

    What is the step-by-step process of hosting a baptismal celebration?

    1. Choose the Venue
    2. Write Down Your Guest List
    3. Select Your Menu
    4. Enlist the Help of Others
    5. Choose a Theme
    6. Find the Perfect Cake
    7. Recap Lists and Finalize


    Congratulations on having a new member of the family! If you are a first-time mother or a sister trying to help prepare for the celebration, then you have come to the right place. Baptismal celebrations are the time to invite family and friends to gather for a party to support the newly baptized member of the church. Baptisms are sacred sacraments. They are given to infants as a way to welcome them into the Catholic way of living. With that in mind, here is a step-by-step planning process for a hassle-free celebration.


    Choose the Venue

    A table at a baby girl's baptismal party

    In choosing the venue, you must greatly consider the number of guests invited. The main reason why almost all planning templates have the venue at the top of the process is to allow time for performing oculars. Visit the venues you have in mind to see if the ambiance fits your personal preferences.

    Another important factor to consider when choosing the venue is the safety of the space. Take note of the kids that will be joining the celebration. The place should have a clean and comfortable toilet, washroom, and changeroom. Finally, consider the buffet and table setup you will be having at the venue. Your initial count should fit into the space of the venue while leaving room for walking and foot traffic.


    Write Down Your Guest List

    While some people prefer to choose the venue first, others would rather write down their guest lists. Regardless of which one you choose to prioritize, the important matter is that they both remain at the start of the planning process. When writing down the guest list, you must separate the immediate family members and relatives from your friends and acquaintances. Make sure to put your sponsors at the top of the list to prevent overlooking their names. Finally, give the utmost importance to the godfathers and the godmothers.


    Select Your Menu

    Close up of the buffet at a baby girl's baptismal party

    Carefully consider the viands, beverages, and desserts you will put on the menu. Once you have written the menu for adults, plan the kiddie meals. A reliable catering service provider will be able to provide you with a menu that will entice the tastebuds of the children. Here are some of the unique and tasty dishes you can add to your menu that suit most adult taste preferences.

    • Chicken Breast Cakes with Teriyaki Sauce
    • Wellness Pasta or Spaghetti
    • Korean Pork Spareribs
    • Salmon with Tequila Cream Sauce
    • Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
    • Beef Brasato


    Enlist the Help of Others

    If you are the mother or the father of the infant to be baptized, seek help and support from your relatives and friends. Take note, the parents are supposed to attend seminars and talks to prepare them for becoming responsible Christian parents. Moreover, baptisms are unlike any other special occasion.

    Baptism celebrations can be extremely chaotic. As you meet and greet other guests, your infant may want something that could hinder you from entertaining them. With that, you should have a point person or a coordinator that will guide the guests to their respective tables as well as accommodate all of their needs. Enlisting the help of others also entails you hire catering services to provide food and other services for lights and photography.


    Choose a Theme

    Close up of a baby's baptismal dress

    Services that provide catering in Manila should be able to provide you with brilliant theme ideas and suggestions. They are also equipped with the right knowledge in table displays as well as plating preparations to make the entire setup look professional. Wish to incorporate cartoons, lots of vibrant colors, or baby pictures? All you have to do is provide the caterer with the details and they can make it happen for you. Have your coordinator, party planner, and catering services align with your process. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page as yours will allow you to have the best baptism celebration for your baby.


    Find the Perfect Cake

    There are plenty of christening cake ideas to choose from. You can go for two-tiered cakes with a crucifix, bible, and rosary embellishment. Or have it as high as a five-tiered cake with a miniature infant resting on top of it. Despite the number of cake designs and layouts to select from, make sure to choose the one that symbolizes your belief and that reminds you of your child. Others would go so far as to print the infant’s portrait on top of the cake, while others would have cartoons as themes. Whatever you go for, try to coordinate the cake with the entire theme in place.


    Recap Lists and Finalize

    A mother on her laptop

    The final step requires you to recap on the lists you have made. From the list of guests, the menu, the venue, and the services you will avail of like a reliable catering service. Resend RSVP deadlines to those guests who failed to submit it on the initial deadline. Contact your suppliers and providers to ensure their presence on the day of the event. Finally, do not stress yourself out too much. Have your point person or coordinator do everything for you under your consent. This way, you can focus on other important matters.


    Key Takeaway

    Take note of the steps in planning baptismal celebrations. They are as tedious as planning a debut or black-tie soiree party. Make sure to seek help from professional service providers to prevent any unexpected accidents from happening. On a final note, enjoy every moment of the celebration. Notice how your child will react to people gathering around to play with them. These are the precious moments you can never reenact.