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    6 Essentials for your Baby Shower Checklist

    What are some essentials for your baby shower checklist?

    1. Dates
    2. Guests
    3. Venue
    4. Theme
    5. Catering
    6. Gifts

    Congratulations! Someone close to you is having a baby. That means a baby shower is going to happen soon, and you might need to make a baby shower checklist for the party. Planning a baby shower is surely a challenge, and there are lots of things you need to remember while doing so. To make things a bit easier for you, listed below are 6 essentials that you should include in your checklist.



    The first thing that you should decide is when the baby shower will take place. Consult with the expectant mother about this matter so you can set the date for the event as soon as possible.

    Baby showers typically happen around one to two months before the baby’s due date. This way, the mother-to-be would still be comfortable enough to attend and help plan the party. She would most likely have an ideal date for this, so you should talk to her about which dates would work for her and important guests such as family members. This is so that the schedule can fit with everyone involved. The same goes for what time the event should start.


    A party wouldn’t be a party without your guests. For this one, make sure to keep in close contact with the mother-to-be as you both come up with a guest list. You would expect to find family and close friends in that list, but make sure that the expectant mom checks it first before you finalize. Also, try to get the complete contact information (including the addresses) of the guests so that it would be easy to communicate with them — and lastly, don’t forget to send them the invitations!



    While you could host the baby shower at home instead of going to a different venue, it is still important to consider all the options and factors that may affect this decision. You should first ask what the expectant mother’s preference is. After all, this is her (and the baby’s) event.

    How fancy do you want the event to be? Keep in mind how many guests you’re expecting and how much budget you can allocate. If you have many guests, you might not fit at home and you might need to book a different venue. For example, restaurants and event halls are two of the common places where baby showers happen, so these could be good places to start.


    Choosing a theme for the baby shower will surely make the party a lot livelier. It’s important to decide early on so that you can adjust the rest of your plans to fit the theme. The decorations should adhere to it, the food should be appropriate, and even the programme will have to match the theme of the party.

    There are many popular themes for baby showers such as princesses, superheroes, fairies, and other magical concepts that everyone will enjoy. It can even be something as simple as a color scheme. Either way, a theme would help the party’s vibe and your guests’ enjoyment as well. Try looking for ideas online and see what resonates with you best!



    There is not much need for an explanation on why the catering is important to any party. The food, drinks, decoration, and service during the day itself would be prepared and done by the caterers.

    First, how big of a party is it going to be? If it will be a small, intimate gathering at your home with only the closest friends present, then maybe you don’t need to have catering at the venue. However, a bigger get-together would definitely benefit from having someone else do the catering for you. Make sure to settle on a menu and communicate it with the caterer. Also, keep the catering services aligned with the theme of the party.

    There are many catering companies out there for you to choose from. A helping hand with the preparations of the baby shower would surely go a long way.


    What would a baby shower be like without gifts? On the day of the event, you could expect your guests to bring various gifts for both the mother and the baby. It is your job then to keep track of the presents and list them down. Or cross them out of the list if you decided to create a registry beforehand.

    Although you have all these responsibilities, you shouldn’t forget your own gift for the mother-to-be.

    Key Takeaway

    A baby shower is a fun event, but definitely needs extensive planning and preparation to host. Involving the expectant mother in all parts of planning is the most important thing that you should not forget, along with the items in the baby shower checklist above. The plus side is that it ensures that the mother-to-be would be happy with how the party will turn out.

    Another way to make sure everything goes well is to accept all the help that you can get. You are always welcome to contact us or check out the rest of our website to see what we can do to help you plan the perfect baby shower.