6 Things You Need To Tick Off Your Baby Gender Reveal Party Checklist

May 19, 2021

What are the things you need to tick off your baby gender reveal party checklist?

  1. Ultrasound appointment
  2. Venue and Date
  3. Party Theme
  4. Catering Company
  5. Game Ideas
  6. Gender Reveal Ideas

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences that can happen to a woman. From discovering that you’re pregnant, sharing the news with your family and friends, and seeing your baby bump grow bigger—every moment is filled with so many emotions. On the countdown of your little one’s birthday, you also have a chance to know if they’re a boy or a girl sooner! If you’re planning a celebration, here are the things you need for your baby gender reveal rarty checklist. Keep on reading!

Ultrasound Appointment

Ultrasound Appointment

Before you plan a gender reveal party, you (or someone you know) need to find out the sex of your baby. Your OB will know the right time when you can schedule an ultrasound appointment if you want an accurate result. This usually happens when you’re around 20 weeks. Some people even pay for a special blood test to discover it sooner.

When getting the results, you can kindly ask your OB or ultrasound technician to keep the sex of your baby a secret. Instead, have it written on a folded piece of paper for a friend to know! This way, someone can help you with the gender-specific preparations for your party.

Venue And Date

When scheduling your baby gender reveal party, don’t choose the days immediately after your ultrasound appointment. If the baby is not in the right position, your OB might have difficulty determining if they’re a boy or a girl. Instead, choose a date at least a week after you get the results. This also gives your supplier time to prepare the gender-specific cake, if you decide to order one.

For your venue, it is entirely up to your preference. Some mothers prefer to rent an event hall to lessen worries about parking, aesthetics, and space. For example, Juan Carlo has partnered with numerous venues—from well-known resorts to premium events places. If you prefer to stay home, you can opt to have your catered dishes delivered!

Party Theme

Party Theme

Every party has to have a theme to make it memorable! You can use this when choosing invitations, decorations, games, and food. For example, some parents use the color blue and pink to signify two teams—boy and girl. This way, the guests can wear one color to represent their guess.

Other popular themes include “Lego Or Doll?”, “Moustaches or Eyelashes?” and “Prince Or Princess?”. Aside from the sex of the baby, you can also opt for astrological sign parties, name reveals, and more!

Game Ideas

Whether you’re inviting adults or their kids to your event, some party games wouldn’t hurt! This can make your event fun and special. If you’re having a virtual party, you can also tweak these games as you see fit! For some ideas, you can try the following:

Best-Dressed Award

Bumblebee? A Princess in a Tutu? Or maybe a Lego toy? Ask your guests to prepare an outfit that is relevant to the theme. Mom or Dad chooses the winner!

Gender Guessing Game

Guests are shown the image of the ultrasound as they try to guess the gender of the baby. A prize is given after the reveal!

Catering Company

Catering Company

If you want to make your baby gender reveal party more memorable for you and your guests, you can’t forget the good food! To provide professionally curated dishes, it is recommended to hire a caterer. You can choose dishes for the cocktail hour, the main entreés, and the dessert table without having to prepare it yourself. Other than that, it is also a good idea to add on some salad bars, tea carts, finger foods, and more!

For example, if you’re having a movie-related theme, you can ask your caterer for a popcorn station with different flavors—such as sour cream, cheese, and barbecue. If you have a camping-related concept, a s’mores station with graham crackers, marshmallows, and Nutella chocolate is also a crowd-pleaser!

Gender Reveal Idea

The last thing on your checklist is the big moment itself. How are you going to reveal the gender of the baby? Here is where your creativity can shine. For your inspiration, you can try out the following!

Popping A Balloon

Mom or dad pops a neutral-colored balloon with blue or pink powder inside. Blue typically corresponds to a boy and pink signifies a girl! Other couples hit a piñata with similar hued candies inside.

Slicing A Cake

Instead of a balloon, a friend who knows the sex of the baby can order a specially made cake. The inside can be customized with a specific color to reveal the answer the guests are waiting for!

Releasing The Confetti

The couple releases colored confetti in the air to determine the sex of the baby. The popping sound can add to the surprise factor for the parents and the guests!

Key Takeaway

A baby gender reveal party is a memorable way for people to discover the sex of your baby. Because all the people you love and care about are gathered in one event, you can share this emotional moment with them! This way, all of you—except the person responsible for the gender reveal moment—can be surprised together.

If you’re looking for professional catering services for your event, you can contact Juan Carlo! With countless menu options prepared by professional chefs, you can make your baby gender reveal party much more special.


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