Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

May 14, 2017

What are awesome bachelor party ideas?

  1. Video game night
  2. Sports tournament
  3. Barbecue and Ribs
  4. Road trip
  5. Skydiving
  6. Visiting the firing range
  7. Gambling at the casino

Strip clubs for bachelor parties are so old school. Unless that’s actually what you and your groomsmen want and your wife-to-be is comfortable with it – in that case, it’s your choice. Much like wedding catering packages and reception venues, you have plenty of other options for your bachelor party other than the traditional. Here are a few suggestions that are bound to be just as fun, if not more:

Video Game Night

Most men love video games. If this is true for you and your best friends, then this could be the perfect sendoff from singlehood to marriage. Gather your buddies and just play the night away. Play games that force you to either team up or go against each other. Adding beer to the mix will bring extra fun – and maybe the angry neighbor but who cares? Eventually you’ll play and drink until you’re all passed out. It’s the perfect way to feel like a kid again before going off into a life full of adult responsibilities. Just be sure to bring a large number of snacks to munch on and some extra drinks in case you run out.

Sports Night

Another thing men love is sports. While watching sports on TV can get the blood pumping already, there’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline from actually playing your favorite sports

Pick one sport that you and your friends would love. Then, organize an entire tournament; complete with jerseys. It doesn’t need to feel super legit but it just has to get your friends motivated to get competitive. After all, a little bit of friendly competition brings out the best and wildest sides of everyone. When a champion is crowned, have a boys’ night afterwards complete with food and drink. You can simply have this at home. That will be perfect to make this party idea the best bonding experience ever.

But if you and your buds aren’t exactly athletic, then you should at least get out of the front of a TV screen. Get tickets to a local thrilling sports event. Do a pre-game so you can enjoy the game(s) without inhibition. You can also still have the boys’ night after!

Barbeque and Ribs

They say that when you’re able to grill a mean piece of meat, you’re a real man. If you believe this, then put it to the test. Get your friends and gather around the grill to cook the best barbecue of your lives. In fact, to make it more interesting, go against your best man in a cook-off and see who makes the best barbecue and ribs. It’s another competitive part idea that is not just manly, but delicious as well.

Side Note: If you can’t cook to save your life, then don’t worry. Instead, this opportunity to learn from your best friends.

Travel/Road Trips

There’s nothing like hitting road with your best bros. It may be a simple bachelor party idea, but just being with your brothers on a long road trip is enough to make your last day as a lawfully single man epic. Just be sure to have awesome sounds, a full tank of gas, and an adventurous destination. It will be even more memorable if you go to a place special to you and your best buddies. Having a lot of beer here is sure to bring out the best memories of your younger years and the most laughable stories of the past. If you plan to get wasted, then make sure there’s a designated driver that will get all of you home safe. Also, never ever – at any costs or form of intoxication – pick up a hitchhiker because stranger danger is real.

Taking it to the Extreme

What better way to symbolize the plunge going into married life by taking an actual plunge? A long, hair-raising, spirit-shaking plunge to be exact by jumping out of a plane. Skydiving is an experience that you should save for the best of occasions and there is no better time to do than at your bachelor party. It’s a fitting last thrill ride for you and your buddies.

But if this is not to your taste, then you can try many other extreme adventures. Some examples are bungee jumping, hang gliding, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, or even shark diving. Anything that “defies” death can be on the list of things you can do. It will bring you and your brothers closer together and it’s a great story to tell your future wife and kids.

For something less risky, just go go-carting with the boys or take the old bikes and skateboards out for a spin.

Fire Some Shots

If watching sports isn’t your thing, then actions movies is sure to be! The feeling of watching a good action-packed flick is sure to fire you up. Some of the best movies of this kind have men wanting to drive faster, hit the boxing gym, and even playing pretend at home. Though, who says that you will always have to pretend? A trip to the best firing range in the country could be just what you need to feel like an action star. Here, you’ll be able to try an assortment of guns and – if the range accommodates it – grenades. It will be an exhilarating experience for anyone that loves guns and explosions.

Winning it Big in a Casino

If you have the means to go to Vegas, then go for it! In a city where all adventures (and misadventures) stay inside of it, it’s the perfect place for a wild night that only you and your bros could have and know about.

But if not, then any casino would do! Complete the experience by dressing up in a full suit with your friends to feel like high rollers. It will definitely put you in the mood to stare down a dealer while trying to get the best hand. Wouldn’t it be great to win big just before the wedding? It will certainly make your finances happy! Just be sure to know when to quit and you’ll be fine. However, be wary of when servers are trying to get you too drunk and make you feel too daring than your bank account would allow.

Key Takeaway

These ideas will keep your last moments of engaged life memorable. No matter how you choose to celebrate, always remember to keep the brotherhood you share with your friends in the years to come.



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