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    How to Avoid Wedding Drama


    Some of the best days of your life also have the highest potential of stirring up some drama. On your wedding day, this could come in the form of undelivered gift packages, wedding catering miscommunications, and relatives quarrelling.

    Unexpected circumstances cannot be avoided completely. The earlier you accept this, the better it would be for everybody. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t minimize the chances of drama happening.



    Let your fiancé know of any changes you’ve made, big or small, and ask him/her to do the same for you. This is especially useful if you don’t have a wedding planner. This would mean that the two of you need to act as a solid unit so that all the 3rd party elements (caterers, venue managers, etc.) can follow your lead. It will be confusing for them if you make contrasting decisions separately, and unfair to get them caught up in the middle. Such a confusion could lead to miscommunication between the two of you and your 3rd part elements.

    As for your guests, try not to make any big changes such as location, time, gift registry, theme, etc. once you’ve sent out invitations. If there are unavoidable changes, inform them immediately so they can rearrange their plans accordingly. Nothing will cause drama more than embarrassed guests who come in the wrong attire or time. Also be upfront about your rules for plus ones and children.

    Time Tables

    More precise information means less drama. Plan an itinerary or time table of your program and give a copy to suppliers, bridal party members, and other involved parties to ensure a smooth flow. With all the moving parts and people of your special day, one misplaced element can ruin everything. If you can get a set of professional stage managers to make sure everyone and everything is in place at the right, then do so. This will ensure that everyone will enjoy while making sure they attend to their responsibilities.


    Be leader and delegate tasks properly. Don’t do everything yourself because it is near impossible and will stress you out on your special day. For this reason, it is important to know your limit and look for help when you’ve reached it. Trusted friends and family could be good for this, but a wedding planner along with his team would be perfect.


    Guest List

    If you and your spouse know your guests well, then you will also know which ones are prone to drama. With this information, you can intelligently plan your guest list and where these people will be placed in the reception and wedding. Anyone with bad blood must conveniently be separated at all times. However, when in doubt, leave them out. It could be a cold thing to do, but you really wouldn’t want these people making your special day about them.

    One particularly good example is if one of you have separated parents who are not in good terms. The first thing you should do is talk to them about being civil, and if they have any terms that they would like you to consider such as not having them seated in the same table. If you’ve invited either of the parents’ new significant other, make sure to inform the other in advance so as they can prepare themselves or opt to back out. Should anyone start any trouble, you have every right to calmly ask them to leave.

    Break Tradition

    Another perfect example of wedding drama is people fighting about the coveted maid of honor or best man position. Even though tradition says that you must only have one, you don’t need to follow this. If you have two best friends, then why can’t you have two maids of honor or best men?

    When walking down the aisle you can also choose to go solo to avoid any drama amongst the people who feel that they should walk with you. You can even walk down with your fiancé. Be creative and think outside of the box about which traditions you can bend or break.




    Turn off your phone. You don’t need any external factors such as a passive aggressive tweet ruining your special day. Besides, you need to focus on the present 100%. It could be tempting to do so to see the latest pictures of your wedding or to see if everyone is having fun, but this is your wedding. You’re meant to have fun at the celebration; not in cyberspace. Give social media rest for the day and live in the moment.

    Avoiding drama on your wedding day is all about being prepared, smart, creative, and practical. But above all, you must be transparent with everyone and respect yourself and your fiancé. Your wedding is all about the two of you and nothing should ruin this day. Your friends and family love you dearly and making the right rearrangements and informing them of it is the key to a drama-free day. D