Why Avire Tower is the Ultimate Venue for Corporate Events in the Metro

August 18, 2023

avire tower corporate events

Why choose Avire Tower for your corporate events?

  1. For its spacious multi-function hall
  2. For its garden deck
  3. For its accessibility to colleagues
  4. For its nearby transportation access


This comprehensive guide unveils the perfect venue for executives, directors, and colleagues seeking to make a lasting impression. From spacious multi-function halls adaptable for seminars to a serene Garden Deck offering alfresco dining, Avire Tower sets the stage for unique corporate gatherings.

The preparation of corporate events requires the greatest attention. One of the many things to consider is the location of the event. When your guest list includes executives, directors, and colleagues, leaving a lasting impression becomes not only essential but also a responsibility that carries immense significance and potential stress.

Among the many venues available, choosing Avire Tower for your next corporate event is an ideal solution. Within its premises, you’ll discover a comprehensive package ranging from expert catering services to expansive function halls.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different reasons you should explore this location in Quezon City.

For Its Spacious Multi-Function Hall

Searching for a capacious function hall suitable for seminars, significant milestones, company commemorations, and team-building exercises? Avire Tower boasts versatile function halls that cater to a wide array of needs. These spaces can be transformed according to your preferences, making it the perfect solution even if your event planning time is limited.

The function halls comfortably accommodate large gatherings, allowing ample room for life-sized standees, booths, and the seamless integration of Juan Carlo’s catering services without compromising space or comfort.

For Its Garden Deck

For Its Garden Deck

The garden deck amenity at Avire Tower offers a unique opportunity to infuse your event with the invigorating spirit of the outdoors. This exceptional feature sets the stage for a more welcoming and relaxed ambiance, creating an atmosphere that is distinct from typical corporate settings.

Choosing the garden deck means more than just selecting a venue; it means providing your esteemed guests and hardworking employees with an alfresco dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Break away from conventional function halls and offer your team a memorable and refreshing outdoor space to enjoy.

For Its Accessible Location

Avire Tower stands as an exceptional venue for corporate events, offering unparalleled accessibility and transportation convenience for both organizers and attendees.

Strategically located in Quezon City, this venue enjoys connectivity to numerous cities and neighboring areas, such as Marikina, Caloocan, San Juan, and more. This ensures that colleagues and attendees residing in various parts of Metro Manila can easily locate the venue without unnecessary travel hassles. Whether you’re planning a full-day event or an early morning gathering, the prime location of Avire Tower guarantees timely and hassle-free arrivals for all participants.

This corporate venue also benefits from its proximity to a range of transportation hubs. The central location in Quezon City provides easy access to major highways, public transportation, and tertiary roads. Despite the occasional traffic challenges in the city, the abundance of transportation options ensures that attendees can confidently reach the event on time, facilitating a seamless and stress-free experience for all.

Why Choose Juan Carlo as Your Corporate Event Caterer?

Why Choose Juan Carlo as Your Corporate Event Caterer?

When it comes to catering your corporate event, Juan Carlo stands as the ultimate choice to tantalize your taste buds and exceed your culinary expectations. Gone are the days of bland and uninspiring event meals—Juan Carlo brings an explosion of flavors right to your palate.

Teaming up with Avire Tower, Juan Carlo ensures that every corporate event becomes an unforgettable culinary experience. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the delectable and exquisite dishes we serve. Say goodbye to the notion that event catering compromises quality. At Juan Carlo, we use only the finest ingredients and employ restaurant-level preparation techniques, ensuring that each bite is a delightful journey for your taste buds.

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your corporate affair? Juan Carlo offers an array of premium catering packages that promise a feast fit for discerning palates. Indulge in sushi masterpieces, succulent cuts of meat, and a selection of world-class, mouthwatering desserts that are bound to captivate both you and your esteemed colleagues.

With Juan Carlo as your corporate event caterer, you can expect nothing less than a culinary extravaganza that transforms your gathering into a gastronomic spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on every attendee.

Key Takeaway

Meticulous attention to detail, expansive and versatile halls, and a top-notch culinary experience converge to create an unmatched setting for your professional gatherings. Here at Avire Tower, corporate events are elevated to the realm of world-class dining experiences.

Once you’ve secured your date for your next corporate event, make sure that your food is well taken care of. Contact us here at Juan Carlo to book a tasting experience with us!


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