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    Are Weddings Back To Normal? 4 Changes To Adopt

    Are Weddings Back To Normal? 4 Changes To Adopt

    Are weddings back to normal? Here are the 4 changes you might want to adopt:

    1. Focus on health safety
    2. Consider an outdoor venue
    3. Opt for a more intimate wedding
    4. Have a plated catering service

    Are weddings back to normal? The new normal has been a roller coaster ride for couples who are planning their wedding. One day, there’s a lockdown. The next time, quarantine protocols are more relaxed. But despite these constant changes, plenty of couples are still able to tie the knot. For this reason, you might be asking your fiancé the same question. If you’re wondering what changes you need to take not of, keep on reading to learn more.

    Focus On Health Safety

    Because of the pandemic, people have become more aware of viruses and germs — and what to do to get rid of them. This has put an emphasis on health safety when it comes to a lot of things, including social interaction and food service.

    Today, wedding suppliers are more mindful of how they can help keep the event safe. For instance, caterers have responded to the concerns of their customers by doubling efforts when it comes to safety protocols. From the commissary, the delivery vehicle, and the venue itself — everything is disinfected thoroughly and employees are always wearing appropriate PPE. For buffets, acrylic screens are placed to reduce contact with the food.

    In addition to these, even wedding favors have also become in line with health safety. From personalized hand sanitizers, tissue packs, face masks, and more — couples are opting for more relevant and useful gifts for their guests.

    Consider An Outdoor Venue

    Consider An Outdoor Venue

    There’s a reason why al fresco dining for restaurants has been popular throughout the new normal. For most establishments, having space outdoors means that social distancing protocols can be effectively enforced. This is also applicable for weddings and receptions. Outdoor locations provide more space for a suitable seating arrangement that can reduce risks.

    For this reason, plenty of couples are finding outdoor venues more appealing. Aside from that, consider the time that most of you spend at home. Outdoor locations provide an opportunity for people to appreciate nature and breathe fresh air — which might not have been possible with the stay-at-home protocols.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful open-air locations that are suitable for a wedding. Take a look at these popular outdoor venues:

    Opt For A More Intimate Wedding

    With the risk of the virus ever-present in the new normal, most couples have shifted their focus to a more intimate gathering with their loved ones.

    The guest list is handpicked and filtered, so only the people with a special relationship to the couple are invited. This is done for the peace of mind of both the couple tying the knot and the guests. In some cases when a guest politely declines to attend in favor of their health, most couples understand.

    This practice is likely to continue even after the pandemic is over. Aside from the heightened awareness of health issues, several factors make intimate weddings more preferable. The fewer guests there are, the more the couple could invest in each one. More money could be allocated towards other aspects of a wedding — such as the food, décor, and venue.

    Have A Plated Catering Service

    Have A Plated Catering Service

    Because couples are now prioritizing health safety over everything else, caterers such as Juan Carlo are quick to tweak their services to maintain the safety standard. While the buffet service — where guests have to line up to get their food — has been the norm for wedding receptions, more and more clients are opting for alternative service styles.

    One of these is the plated service. The guests will remain seated as the food is served to them by the staff. This ensures that physical distancing protocols are maintained throughout the program.

    But other than this, buffet services are still possible, as long as it’s modified appropriately. The buffet containers will be placed at a 2-meter distance, while an acrylic screen is placed on the buffet table. This way, guests will avoid contact with the food and the attendant.

    Key Takeaway

    Are weddings back to normal? The short answer is yes and no. While you can now get married and hold a wedding reception, there are many changes that you might want to adopt if you plan to have a wedding during the new normal. Consider choosing an outdoor venue, limiting your guest list, and choosing wedding suppliers that can help you keep your event safe.

    Here at Juan Carlo, we aim to provide our clients with good food and quality service without sacrificing their health. You can choose our Signature Plated Services to assure the safety of your event.