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    5 Advantages Of Food Catering During The Pandemic

    What are the advantages of catering during the pandemic?

    1. Professional safety protocols in place
    2. Good food prepared in hygienic kitchens
    3. VIP treatment for seated guests
    4. Prevention of wasted food and costs
    5. Option for packed meals are available

    While some of the weddings, debuts, corporate events, and children’s parties have been moved to a later date, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your dream event during this pandemic. With a few tweaks from your side and a safety-equipped caterer in your service, you can make your special day come true! Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of catering during the pandemic.

    Professional Safety Protocols In Place

    Professional Safety Protocols In Place

    When you inquire with your prospective caterer, the first thing you should ask about is their safety protocols. You will know that you’re dealing with a professional if you see that they’re taking their client’s health seriously. This means that their catering service should include the following things:

    • Safety protocols in compliance with government’s guidelines
    • Regular disinfection of kitchens and delivery vehicles
    • Socially distanced seating between guests
    • Distance between buffet containers
    • Acrylic screens place on serving tables
    • Staff equipped with personal protective equipment
    • Individually wrapped cutleries

    With these protocols in place, you and your guests will feel safe during your event.

    Good Food Prepared In Hygienic Kitchens

    Because the safety protocols of trusted caterers start from the moment they prepare your food, you will have peace of mind that you’re only getting the best meals you deserve.

    The kitchens are cleaned thoroughly every time food needs to prepare. Other than that, professional chefs wear the right personal protective equipment when they cook their signature recipes. If you’re transacting with a well-respected company with years of experience, these are non-negotiables in their processes.

    That’s why most companies rely on legitimate brands instead when it comes to catering during the pandemic. If you’re having your dishes prepared by anyone else, you won’t have an idea about their kitchen protocols.

    VIP Treatment For Seated Guests

    VIP Treatment For Seated Guests

    While modified buffet options are still being offered during this pandemic, you can also opt for plated services if you want to keep the distance between your guests. In this package, they will be seated 2 meters apart from each other throughout the event. Instead of having to line up for their meals, they will receive individually served plates.

    This means that they’re getting treated like kings and queens in your event, which is equivalent to VIP treatment pre-pandemic. Because they will be comfortable in their seat for the rest of the event, all they need to do is to enjoy the food which is professionally made by a chef!

    Prevention Of Wasted Food And Costs

    Because there are many customized offerings during this new normal, you will also end up with more savings. When you’re hosting an event pre-pandemic, you’ll have to set extra allowance for food when it comes to catering. If the dishes are unfinished at the end of the reception, you will end up with food waste.

    But if you’re choosing the plated service during the new normal, all your meals—from cocktail at the lobby, soups, main course, and dessert—will be served in individual portions. Because reputable caterers will provide bigger servings, you don’t have to request extras for your event. That means that you can order the right amount of food equivalent to the number of your guests and save on expenses.

    Option For Packed Meals Are Available

    Option For Packed Meals Are Available

    While buffet and plated services are on the table, you also have another choice you can opt for—which are packed meals! This way, you can host your event at your own home or office, resulting in more savings this pandemic. Some companies are even conducting virtual parties while having catered food delivered to each of their guests’ homes.

    Because of this, catering services are not limited to weddings, debuts, children’s parties, and corporate events! In some cases, business managers are also ordering meals for front liners, donating food to the less fortunate, or supplying their staff with packed meals in their offices. Other than that, reputable caterers also offer smaller group meals for delivery at casual and intimate family gatherings.

    Key Takeaway

    Now that you know the advantages of catering during the pandemic, there’s no reason not to have your dream event! Because safety protocols are conducted from the kitchen to the receiver, you and your guests will have peace of mind during this special occasion. That’s why whether it’s your wedding, debut, children’s party, corporate celebration, or even an intimate family gathering at your home, you can rely on a trustworthy caterer to serve your meals.

    But when it comes to catering, Juan Carlo is the best in the industry. With years of experience adjusting to the different needs of their clients, they know the protocols to employ in every situation—even during the new normal. If you’re interested in one of their packages, you can inquire here.