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    9 Ideas For Delicious Home Meals

    What are good dishes that can be made and served at home?

    1. Macaroni and Cheese
    2. Pot Roast
    3. Steamed Vegetables
    4. Roast Chicken
    5. Baked Salmon
    6. Beef Stew
    7. Carbonara
    8. Baked Eggplant Parmesan
    9. Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach Pasta

    Food is always a delectable topic to talk about and it’s not surprising to experience for yourself a myriad of flavors and tastes that leave you breathless and wanting for more – but that appeal will only last anyone for so long. People love food, sure, but people are also prone to getting tired of their favorite things from time to time. Whether it is a simple lunch, a hearty dinner or the most sumptuous catering in Manila, spicing things up every now and then is sure to reignite the spark that made you love food anew.


    Compiled in this list are a few good examples of delicious food to help you give your meals a jump in flavor:

    Macaroni and Cheese

    Ah, the classic Mac n’ Cheese. Relive the taste of your childhood by serving up a hot and cheesy plate of Macaroni and Cheese to your family and guests. Oozing cheesy goodness, the classic Mac n’ Cheese is sure to fill stomachs and put smiles in everybody’s faces.

    The best part of this meal is that it can be enjoyed in many ways because of the abundance of recipes; some of which pair it up with other foods. It goes great with chicken ranch and pizza in particular.

    Ingredients can even be added or used in higher or lower amounts. Have you even tried mac n’ cheese with jalapeno, bacon, or cavatappi. You should! It will change your perspective on the well-known dish. There is even a dish that uses an Italian three-cheese recipe. That seems out of this world and people will only keep on experimenting.

    At home, you can try what you and your family would love the best. Eventually you’ll come across your own family recipe that you can pass on for ages!

    Pot Roast

    The elegant pot roast cooked to perfection. Imagine slicing up that pristine first piece of meat from the hot and tender pot roast. Delicious.

    For those that haven’t the pleasure of having pot roast, it’s a braised beef dish. Usually, this is cooked by using a technique called browning. This squeezes out any excess fat. In doing so, the beef gets a brown color; thus, the name. Also, there is a distinct taste and tender texture that results from this (this phenomenon is called the Maillard reaction).

    Both filling and hearty, the pot roast has been a staple in most American gastronomy. So why not have a taste of American culture at home? Try serving it with carrots, potatoes and onions to enjoy what is called a “Yankee pot roast” in North America.

    Steamed Vegetables

    Delicious and healthy, steamed vegetables are the perfect companion for food. Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork and even Pasta is perfectly complimented by this buttery meal.

    Roast Chicken

    Chicken is a great meal for any occasion and roasted chicken is definitely one of the safest ways to prepare your chicken. Healthy and addicting, the juicy chicken meal is sure to delight your family.

    Baked Salmon

    If you want something healthy and filled with good for your heart vitamins, Salmon is the way to go. Baked Salmon is good for any holiday and it goes great with wine!

    If ever you find yourself craving for more than just baked salmon, then try it along with a creamy cucumber-fennel salad. It’s a quick and easy meal that you can do. If you’re in a particular rush, then you can prepare the side salad ahead of time; around 12 hours in advanced. Create it with some cucumbers and fennel which will give it a satisfying crunch. For aesthetic purposes, you can reserve some fennels for some garnishing to please the eye. Store this in the fridge so that you can grab it any time you whip up some baked salmon. The marriage of these two scrumptious is a home meal that you will always crave for.

    Beef Stew

    Stewed to perfection (no puns intended), the traditional beef stew is the epitome of dinner time meals. Easy to prepare and even easier to consume, surprise your family and friends by bringing out this titan of a meal.


    Creamy, cheesy and meaty, the pasta carbonara is the Italian’s homey taste of family. This meal is extremely versatile as you can prepare it with any number of cheeses, with beef, fish, chicken or pork and you can’t ever go wrong with a hot plate of carbonara on your dinner table.

    Baked Eggplant Parmesan

    Where have you ever read the phrase cheesy and healthy? Why here, of course. The baked eggplant parmesan is the healthy alternative to the other pasta meals on this list. Eggplant is rich dietary fiber and is rich in various vitamins and minerals. Delicious, healthy and cheesy, the Baked Eggplant Parmesan is truly a gift from the heavens.

    Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach Pasta

    This dish is the answer if you are in search for a meal that’s light, hearty, and full of vegetables and protein. While it may seem like the adult health buff’s dream dinner, it’s also great for kids because it tastes like macaroni and cheese. They will eat what seems like a guilty food trip to them. They won’t know or mind that there two vegetables mixed in it when it tastes so good.

    The leeks and shrimp are sautéed on butter while the pasta cooked. With a warm past, the spinach will naturally wilt to it. Topping it off with a light cream sauce with a bit of lemon added will be what you need to satisfy that palate. The best part is all of this will be prepared in just 20 minutes.


    Key Takeaway

    There are a lot of other meals that you can prepare to compliment the food on this list, some cheeses, fruits and salads but what makes a meal great is sharing it with friends and family. Give your special someone a smile and make them a delicious meal that they will never forget.