The 8 Unforeseen Critical Details You Need To Check with Your Caterer

June 7, 2017

Holding a nice party? Organizing a wedding reception? If the answers to those two questions are a yes, then hiring a caterer is definitely a must. Caterers provide a diverse selection of food choices and packages for events like weddings, parties, and various social gatherings. Having a caterer for your big event makes sure that all your food and beverage needs are covered and that your guests will have a more pleasant and satisfying experience.

But before finalizing any deals with the caterer of your choice, you must look into a number of important details that can be the difference between a good experience, to a great one. To ensure that you have your money’s worth on the caterer of your choice, here are some critical details that you need to check with your caterer.

Presentation of the tables and dinnerware

Presentation of the tables and dinnerware

The presentation of the venue will be handled and done by the event designers. These designers will work out a theme of your choosing, which they would arrange accordingly. With a specific theme in mind, it is also important to inform the caterer about it, so the presentation matches with the theme. While most caterers provide the necessary designs and dinnerware, it is important to ask the caterer about this matter to make sure that it will be organized. Having the design of the tables and dinnerware be consistent with the venue’s theme can improve the overall look of your event.

Working with the venue

Working with the venue

For big events like ceremonies and wedding receptions, it is important to communicate well with the venue. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the caterer is able to work comfortably and properly with the guests at the venue, along with other services like photographers and videographers. It is important to address the rules and concerns of the venue to the caterer, so the caterer will have the necessary adjustments and preparations done well before the day of the event.

The length of the Reception/Party

The Length of the Reception/Party

One of the important details that you need to communicate to your caterer is the length of the event itself. They must also be in the know with regards to the program flow and length. This is important to them as they would know the right time to finish their service and clean up during the event. This would ensure that they would be able to wrap-up properly, while also making sure that the venue is left as clean as it was before the event.

Keeping an eye on health

Keeping an eye on health

With the quality and variety of cuisine that caterers can provide, guests would definitely enjoy and be satisfied. But there are cases in which certain guests cannot eat or drink certain food and beverages due to reasons like allergies and prior ailments. For scenarios like this, it is best to communicate to your guests that have any health concerns to ensure that everyone in the event enjoys the food and drinks that you will serve.

Special request on the menu

Special request on the menu

Caterers usually have a variety of menu choices for you to pick for your big event. Some menus have different themed food like Chinese and Mediterranean, or offer a diverse selection that will cater to the taste of the guests. While most of the menus are already in set, there are some cases where you can add an entirely different dish or two. For example, you want to have an additional dessert on the menu, or you want your favorite dish to be served as part of the main course. For these kinds of requests, it is best to ask your caterer whether or not adding special requests on the menu would be allowed.

Emergency situations

Emergency situations

With all the preparations and arrangements for the event at hand, it is important to still be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Venue safety and security is one of the most essential things to make sure in any event. It is important to ask the caterer their protocols in case of emergency situations. In cases of acts of nature like typhoons which may cause the postponement of the event, communicating with the caterer with regards to rescheduling is of utmost importance.

Liability Insurance and Health Permits

While you may be blown away by the food and service of a caterer, that shouldn’t cloud your judgment especially when it comes to their legitimacy. Any talented caterer can bring beautiful styling along with delicious food, but a professional one will have all the safety measures to reassure their clients. Be sure that whoever you get to serve at your event has the right liability insurance and health permits. If they are not willing to show it to you or they give you an excuse, then they probably don’t have it. You wouldn’t want this type of service for your gathering.

Water and Electrical Needs

A talented catering service cannot cook food without adequate water and electricity. Thus, you should always check if your venue has this; especially in an outdoor setting or in a raw space. In such places, water and electricity are hard to come by or are in a hard to reach place. For the sake of a smooth event, you must make sure that the caterers have an ample and convenient supply of water and electricity. Otherwise, your get-together will be a disaster and you will waste money on a catering service that you won’t get to use.

Key Takeaway

There are many details you have to go through when organizing a big event and preparing for them is essential. Checking in with these specific details with your caterer would help you ensure that you get the best out of your catering service. With these concerns in mind, you can make sure that even the smallest details are done.

Are there any more details that you think should be included in the list? Feel free to comment below.


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