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    7 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat Again

    What are the foods that should never be eaten again?

    1. Fruit Juice
    2. Margarine
    3. Microwaved Popcorn
    4. Atlantic Salmon
    5. Soy
    6. Sugar Alcohol
    7. Shrimp

    Are there types of food that you refuse to eat even if everybody seems to love them? It might be because of the taste, smell, or its negative impact on your health. Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that it’s easy to stay away from these snacks; what’s hard to stay away from are the delectable meals served by the best catering in Manila or top restaurants in Makati even if they are might be bad for you. Sadly, there is a chance that you are consuming certain foods that are unknowingly threatening your health. To avoid this, check the following foods; they are a few favorites that you should probably stay away from especially if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. 

    Fruit Juice

    There’s a health myth that drinking fruit juice is a great way to lose weight because of the vitamins they contain. However, people tend to disregard or forget about the sugars that go into the flavoring of the juice. Sometimes certain juices have as much sugar as soda or even more. And too much sugar is harmful to your health. 



    Margarine has long been regarded as a healthy substitute for butter because it has lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that margarine is the better alternative. While it is true that it has a lower amount saturated fat, you should know that it also has high trans-fat and sodium content. The high levels of trans fat are a real health risk because it increases the chances of heart disease. Meanwhile, high levels of sodium can cause weight gain. So maybe, sticking to good old fashioned butter is the best option… unless you want to start clogging up your arteries. 

    Microwave Popcorn

    Microwave popcorn has to be one of the most popular snacks that you can have at home – it’s convenient and it comes in so many flavors! Some popcorn bags even claim to have low fat options and less sodium, which encourages consumers to buy. What you don’t probably know is that the popcorn bags are lined with perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) that increases your risk of developing cancer and negatively affects fertility. Some popcorns even have additional trans-fat and MSG in their flavoring, making them more toxic than healthy. You’re better off buying organic kernels and popping them yourself before adding the right amount of butter and salt. 


    Atlantic Salmon

    This is another name for farmed salmon. It’s true that fish contains healthy fats and oils that your body needs. Salmon, especially wild salmon, is usually a good choice for people who are looking to eat food with high omega-3 content. However, studies show that farmed salmon contains only half of the omega-3 content of wild salmon. In addition, farmed salmon may also increase your risk of developing cancer because it contains high levels of dioxin.


    Many believe soy to be healthy. However, what many do not know is that this is only true for fermented soy. The unfermented kind actually has harmful effects. This is because this type of soy is genetically modified to be able to take in glyphosate, which is found in the pesticide known as Roundup. With this modification, farmers can use the deadly chemical freely on the soy. So, when people eat nonorganic soy, they are ingesting large amounts of pesticide as well. Given that glyphosate has been linked to human cell death, you should definitely avoid eating nonorganic soy.

    Sugar Alcohol

    For those that don’t know, sugar alcohol is a natural product extracted from fruits and berries, but is chemically altered to become a sugar substitute. This is what is put in gum and baked goods that are “sugar-free”. The most popular form of sugar alcohol is Xylitol. Other examples include erythritol, isomalt, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol. While these do allow products to remain sweet without any sugar content, these are also harmful as well. This is because of the chemical process it goes through to make it usable and tasty. Also, the sugar alcohol itself is usually extracted from genetically modified fruits and berries. Consuming too much of these foreign substances leads to allergic reactions, headaches, SIBO symptoms, rashes, and gassiness.

    If you really desire for sweetness in your food, then try adding green stevia, monk fruit or raw honey instead.


    There are many harmful effects that eating shrimp can bring to your body. This is because of the malpractices made by factories when farming shrimp. These are the following:

    • A food additive called 4-hexylresorcinol is added to prevent the shrimp from getting discolored. This chemical can act like estrogen, which could increase the risk of breast cancer and lower the sperm count.
    • Shrimp farms are usually treated with eurotoxic organophosphate pesticide. When eating shrimp that have been contaminated with this, the consumers can develop symptoms of ADHD, memory loss and tremors.
    • Malachite green, a substance capable of causing cancer, is used on these farms as well to kill fungus in shrimp eggs. This can stick to the skin of a shrimp for as long as 200 days.
    • Rotnone is used in a pond to kill fish so that farmers can turn it into a shrimp pond. If this substance is inhaled, it could cause respiratory paralysis.
    • Similar to the previous item, organotin compounds are used to kill mollusks before creating a shrimp farm. This also has estrogen-like qualities which can mess with the hormones of a person and make him prone to obesity.
    • 25% of shrimp products that is marketed as being made from wild shrimp are actually made from farm shrimp.

    Key Takeaway

    Next time you’re in the market, make sure to read labels and know what you’re putting in your cart. Food that seem like a healthy option at first may actually be bad for you in the end. More than that, be sure to research before buying new products from new brands.