7 Common Wedding Problems and How to Deal with Them

March 8, 2017


What are common wedding problems?

  1. Going over budget.
  2. Last minute need of a new venue.
  3. Having a guest lists that’s too big.
  4. Clashing or having issues with the entourage members.
  5. Having a wardrobe malfunction.
  6. Looking tired on the day itself.
  7. Power outage.

Everyone expects their wedding day to be magical and why shouldn’t it be? It’s when you commit your life to the one person you love the most in this world! However, that love is not going to magically make dream wedding become a reality. You, your fiancé, and your family and friends are the ones that will make sure that happens. The responsibilities that all need to take care of include choosing the right wedding packages, coming up with the final guest list, and making sure you don’t go over budget, among many other things.

You should also account for possible unavoidable problems that may come along the way. Instead of simply hoping nothing bad happens and then panicking when it does, it’s better to be prepared.

The Budget

Determining your budget is the first step in wedding preparations. Majority of the decisions you need to make will be determined by this. It’s a horrible idea to start planning a wedding without a budget because you’re bound to recklessly spend a ton of money without realizing it.

The budget will influence a lot of decisions like who you really want to invite, whether it’s better to DIY some aspects like the invitations, and whether you’re willing to spend extra for a more extravagant dress. In short, a well thought of budget will save you from throwing all your savings away.

Changing of the Venue

Reality is the venue may be perfect but the circumstances may be not. For whatever reason – such as double booking, venue bankruptcy, accidents, etc. – you may need to book a new venue at the last minute. While this isn’t in your control, the contract is. Before signing anything when booking a venue, make sure there are reasonable refund clauses and, if it’s possible, relocation reimbursement clauses as well.

As for finding the new venue, if the original venue owner/manager has a good heart, then he can suggest to you many alternative places. Also, your caterers and other vendors have most likely worked in other venues that are suitable to your needs. Simply asking them can help you a lot. When those don’t work, resorting to recommendations from friends – both online and offline – is a good option. Who knows? You might end up with something even better than your original location.

Guest List Being Too Big

It is pretty common to have an inflation in the guest list. People may ask if they can bring a plus one or their kids along with them to the celebration. While it may be tempting to allow this to make sure that everyone has a good time, this could lead to more guests than you and/or the venue can handle.

You can avoid this by creating a set guest list that cannot be touched. From there it’s all about being polite but firm. Use the facts to your advantage. If people call to ask why they aren’t invited or allowed to bring a plus one that’s not on the list, then simply state that the venue cannot fit any more people or you can’t afford to accommodate any more. Also, doing this makes sure that only the people closest to you take part in your celebration.

However, if you decide that you want to accommodate everyone, then prepare to spend more on catering, rentals, and a bigger venue.

Clashing with the Entourage

With all the stress of the wedding planning, there could be times where you could clash with one more members of the entourage.

When this happens, take a step back and see if the stresses of the wedding is getting to you. Maybe you’re getting too demanding and forcing big choices on to your close friends and family. If you see yourself doing this, then take a breath and calm down. You don’t want to remember your wedding as the event that ruined your relationship with your loved ones. Make sure you apologize well – probably over food where you can mend the ties over a delicious meal.

However, if you see that you’re not the problem, then the key is to take a soft approach to dealing with the issue. First, let the perpetrator know how much your friendship means to you and why you chose him/her to be part of the entourage. Then, gently let him/her know how their behavior is affecting the way the wedding/wedding planning is turning out. Be sure that you don’t say this unless you have ways for him/her to improve; at least for the wedding. If he/she is truly a close friend, then he/she will make the necessary sacrifice for you. Lastly, end positively by telling him/her that you need him there by your side to make the wedding absolutely perfect – which should be true if you picked your entourage well.

Wardrobe Malfunction

A wardrobe malfunction does not only happen to celebrities on a red carpet, it can also happen to brides and grooms at their own weddings. Always have an emergency kit that includes safety pins, button pins, garment tape, and a mini sewing kit ready.

Beauty Disaster before the Big Day

It’s easy to forget yourself when you prioritize all the preparations. Make sure you always get enough sleep and drink a lot of water while planning the wedding to keep you hydrated and your skin moisturized. Then, a week before your wedding, plan a pampering day for facials, scrubs, or massages.

If there won’t be any makeup artists for the whole length of the celebration, then assign one of your bridesmaids/groomsmen to be mindful of how you look throughout the event. For the ladies, have you trusted bridesmaid carry a small pouch that includes an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, translucent powder, and wet wipes in case of emergencies.

Failure of Electricity in the Venue

Wouldn’t it be horrible if you’re in the middle of the dance floor and all of a sudden, the electricity goes out? Make sure to choose a venue with a backup electricity plan.

Key Takeaway

Mistakes and problems are inevitable. But with ample preparation time, having back up plans and keeping a cool head, your wedding day will more likely be a successful one.


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