6 Foods for Losing Weight

April 28, 2016

What are foods that can help someone lose weight?

  1. Water
  2. Yogurt
  3. Cruciferous Vegetables
  4. Tuna
  5. Avocadoes
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar


Are you a bride-to-be that can’t fit her dream wedding dress? Or are you the groom who suffers from the so-called ‘tight tux’? When it comes to getting the right fit in time for your wedding, all it takes is some exercise and a lot of restraint. In other words: you’re going on a diet. It will be hard but it will worth it when you can look your best on your special day. Not to mention, you can make your wedding your epic cheat day by pigging out with the best food from the best wedding catering in Manila.

Waterglass of water juan carlo

Well, not literally just water itself. But it does help in keeping you going throughout the day. Thus, you should always have an ample amount of water intake.

Water intake is not limited to just how much water you drink. Fruits and vegetables are also great sources of water; these have proven to have 80-98% water content. Researchers speculate that the water in these foods help satiate you and make you feel full; thus, you eat less. So go ahead and buy foods with high water content like cucumbers, tomatoes, grapefruit and strawberries. Not only will they help you to limit your food intake, they can also help you stay hydrated especially during a hot day.


yogurt juan carlo

If you’re wishing for an even tastier, yet healthy form of indulgence leading up to your special day, then this handy little snack is undoubtedly for you. When it comes to guilt-free sugary pleasures, Yogurt is your kind of snack.

Yogurt can help you lose weight because of it is high in protein and it keeps you full until your next meal. You can even top it with your favorite fruits and other things to make eating it a little bit sweeter.

But if you plan to make yogurt into a meal, you may want to take it easy with the nuts, fruit, granola, and whatever topping you can think of adding. These can easily make your healthy snack into an overloaded calorie bomb.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables Juan Carlo

Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are some members of the cruciferous vegetables family. Compared to most vegetables, the members of this vegetable family have more protein and fiber content, which can help your metabolism and prevent constipation.

Another thing about these vegetables that makes them suitable for your diet plan is their texture. These vegetables are known for having that crunch-factor which adds a bit of thrill in every bite. Plus, they can be prepared in any way, whether you chop them up to add to your stew or for a salad of your own choosing. You can’t go wrong with what you can gain from these greens.


tuna fish juan carlo

If you’re a fan of seafood, then eating fish is the way to go for an easy diet. But if you’re not, then you should at least have tuna as your guilt-free meat substitute. Tuna is a big hit with dieters because of the fact that it’s low in calories and high in protein. This is very useful for anyone to keep in shape.

Tuna can also be prepared in any way you choose, whether it be steamed, pan-fried, grilled, or even raw for sashimi. Whichever method you choose, you’ll still get a delightful seafood experience minus the regret.

Another thing that makes Tuna the household name it is today is that it’s also a lean kind of fish; meaning there isn’t much fat in it. But this doesn’t mean that you can just grab any can of tuna when you’re looking for a quick fix. Always make sure to get the tuna canned in water and not oil. That way, you won’t get the unnecessary fat from the oil.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats, water, fiber and potassium. Avocados are perfect additions to a salad because the fats in this fruit can help boost the nutrient intake in the salad because of the vitamins and nutrients present in them.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar juan carlo

Drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal can help in weight loss because apples are a great source of pectin. This is a natural substance which can keep you full longer and feel more satisfied. It also helps in stimulating digestion which prevents fats from staying in the digestive tract for too long. When foods stay for too long in the intestines, they can be converted into more unnecessary fats to be absorbed by the body.

So whether you are getting ready for a big event or just want to lose a couple of pounds so you can fit in your favorite jeans, these foods, especially when partnered with regular exercise, can help you shed that belly fat you’ve always dreaded. As they say, diets are not about depriving yourself—it’s about choosing the right foods without the unnecessary fats and calories.


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