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    5 Uniquely Australian Desserts

    lamingtons juan carlo catering

    One of the best things about connecting the world through the internet is the ability to discover other cultures and their practices with a click of the mouse. People all over the world eat different kinds of foods in several different ways, from a food festival in Europe to a catering in Manila; no two countries enjoy delicious food alike.

    Culture is an important aspect to study when researching about a country because principally this is the identity of the country and their way of living. Culture is the window to the soul of a country because it is the culmination of several lifetimes’ worth of experience and innovation as a people.

    In a way, food is also closely tied with a country’s past because in a way, it too is a reflection of the growth and development that its country went through in the past several decades. This is closely demonstrated in the Philippines where the country survived a couple hundred years under foreign rule.

    In connection with this, a country with a fascinating history is of Australia. From early Australian food to English inspired dishes, here are a few examples of traditional Australian treats:


    Described as a sugary sponge cake, coated with chocolate with shaved coconut; Lamingtons are a delicious treat that are sometimes served with sandwiched with cream in the middle, providing a delicious contrast that compliments the chocolate over cream taste that lamingtons are known for.

    Fairy Bread

    A snack for kids, fairy bread is among the simpler treats on this list. Fairy bread is essentially white bread or even American bread covered with candy sprinkles and coated with butter. This is a tasty treat and is definitely delicious but it should be consumed in moderation as it is high in sugar while devoid of nutritional value that helps people stay healthy and fit.

    australian pavlova juan carlo


    This creamy treat is best served chilled. Pavlova are shaped like cake meringue with a crispy crust housing a soft and creamy inside. What makes this cake unique is that it is topped with cuts of fresh fruit. Complementing the creamy taste of the meringue is the tangy goodness that the fresh fruits bring to the mix.

    Tim Tam

    Tim Tams are famously Australian treats. Originally popularized in Australia, Tim Tams are chocolate cookies with chocolate filling that’s coated by chocolate. The triple threat chocolate Australian treat is famous with kids for being delicious and affordable. However, like fairy bread, consumption of Tim Tams are sinful so consuming them in moderation is recommended.

    Mint Slice

    Like Tim Tams, Mint Slice is a famous Australian treat that’s often eaten for dessert. What makes this treat memorable is the minty aftertaste it leaves after enjoying the chocolate coating and the chocolate cookie inside.

    There are many more unique Australian desserts that are available on the market even here in the Philippines. What make these treats unique is their taste as well as the enjoyment that they bring with each and every bite that these sweet treats offer.