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    5 Mood Boosting Foods to Try

    bananas and healthy food


    Just as it is in every event, like weddings, the hosts are bound to have different tastes from their guests.  But in Manila, wedding catering services can adjust to what the bride and groom want for their big day, so maybe serving some dishes with mood boosting foods as ingredients can help smooth your event even further.

    Here are some mood boosting foods that you should consider infusing into your wedding menu:


    Was there ever any doubt? This probably isn’t news, and some people really do reach for chocolate when they’re down in the dumps. Eating dark chocolate can help reduce stress. It might be difficult to choose what kind of chocolate dessert you’ll be serving your guests, but once they see what’s in store for them, they’ll surely be excited about digging in and forget whatever bothered them in the first place.


    Contrary to popular opinion, carbohydrates aren’t all that bad. They’re actually pretty good for you! A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine (now JAMA Internal Medicine) revealed that those who ate more carbs, such as grains, on a daily basis experienced less anger and anxiety than those who ate a low carb diet. It’s not that difficult to figure out what kind of carbs you can serve at your wedding. Filipinos LOVE rice, and pair that with an amazing viand, everybody’ll be digging into that pile of rice in no time. Pasta is pretty good too, and most Filipinos love their tomato and hotdog sauce.


    cooked salmon seafood



    Fish, such as salmon, sardines, and tuna, have Omega 3 which is found to alter the chemicals the brain releases to change someone’s mood. It alters dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is the happiness hormone, and low levels can lead to suicidal thoughts, while dopamine is a chemical that rewards the person for doing pleasurable things. Serve up some grilled or seared fish, maybe some sinigang and your guests might fall in love with that beautiful tamarind soup!


    It is said that the scent of coconuts can make people’s blood pressure recover faster when faced with something stressful or challenging. Why not serve something with coconut milk? Such as the spicy Bicol Express or some Laing? Those are perfect with the carbs, and your guests will surely feel a lot better after having something to eat! Or some grated coconut over your pastries, or Buko Pandan for dessert!

    pouring tea


    Well, those stereotypical Chinese masters in movies did like tea, and they were also so calm and zen about anything, even about facing the movie’s antagonist! Tea, like coffee, has caffeine, too, and can make a person more alert and improves the focus and attention. Oolong tea (withered and oxidized Camellia sinesis), green tea (Camellia sinesis that has not been withered and oxidized), or black tea (a more oxidized Camellia sinesis) are perfect for this. And it can help with a full stomach after that tasty meal!

    Maybe when your guests see the food about to be served, the bothers they encountered before they got to your reception will go away. You’d want everybody to be as happy as you on your big day, of course!