6 18th Birthday Ideas For Gen Z Girls

November 28, 2022

What are the 18th birthday ideas for Gen Z girls?

  1. Queens and kings of Instagram
  2. Retro or pop party
  3. Vintage party
  4. Royal queen party
  5. DJ night party
  6. Pool party

For every girl, exiting their teenage life as they open another door to adulthood is quite overwhelming. It’s a mixture of excitement and pressure, but along with that, it’s the start of unlocking newer opportunities awaiting them. That’s why they should celebrate their legality with their family and friends!

In this blog, we’ll provide the best 18th birthday ideas for Gen Z girls to appreciate and embrace their adulthood uniqueness. In addition, Juan Carlo might be the fairy godmother you’re looking for to make your dream 18th birthday come to life! Read more below.

Queens And Kings Of Instagram

Do you love taking pictures of yourself or with your friends? Well, taking a selfie unleashes every individual’s quirkiness in a good way. So, if you’re about to embrace your adulthood, make your 18th birthday more personalized by using hashtags, phrases, emoticons, or phrases from your favorite films or series — and design them all in your personalized photo booth! In addition, you can come up with cool props and themes that represent your favorites and hobbies as you turn 18! 

Lastly, post them on Instagram after your post-birthday celebration, and you’ll get many likes there and inspire others to do the same for their birthdays soon!

Retro Or Pop Party

Retro Or Pop Party

Every girl loves to dress up as their favorite ‘90s and early ‘20s movie stars or celebrities because the fashion cycle during those times is bomb as a shell! So, why not try the retro or pop party for your 18th birthday and put them all together with the ‘90s and ‘20s-inspired playlist? 

Have fun with your girls by wearing colorful leggings, skirts, and gorgeous, gorgeous wigs that match the theme’s party while dancing the night away with cocktail drinks! 

Vintage Party

Are you an old soul type of girl who is shy to scream it to the world? Don’t be! Although plenty of people are into the latest stuff today, being an old soul is also a unique trait! 

So, instead of going for something new, why not come up with a vintage party for your 18th birthday and recreate the famous aesthetics during those times such as old-style letters, records, tapes, and polaroids, and design the walls of your birthday venue with your favorite music icons and classic movies. 

In addition, you can rent a band to perform old songs to create a mood during the entirety of your birthday!

Royal Queen Party

You’re on your own, kid. That’s what happens when you turn 18. And as overwhelming as it can be, you can show everyone that you’re ready to face your adulthood by theming up a royal queen party on your 18th birthday! 

Be a queen on your special day by bringing a queen vibe to your parties such as designing your debut venue with cloth drapes, lanterns, carpets, booths, cushions, and such that are in the shades of luxurious gold and red for a palace scenery.

DJ Night Party

DJ Night Party

If there’s one thing a legal-aged girl can do, that is to spend her night with her friends at a party! There will be no curfew or restrictions, so, it’s best to start having a DJ-themed celebration on your birthday. 

Groove to the music and sway your hips as you enjoy the music with your family and friends. You can set up a party ball, call your friends, and start setting the floor on the heat with a DJ! 

If you want to make the night more exciting and interactive, let your guests send in their song requests as soon as they enter the venue. As a result, this will definitely bring a spectacular variety to your birthday party!

Pool Party

If your birthday is in the peak of summertime, there’s no better theme alternative to pool parties! Give yourself, your family, and your friends a relaxed, chilled, and fun-filled pool party. Don’t forget the drinks and exciting games to play with and of course, a great sound system to enjoy the night of your pool party!

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve provided you with the best 18th birthday ideas for Gen Z girls. When you’re ready to start planning your birthday party, you can browse our website and see our venues near you. We have the best capacity, amenities, style, and catering services that every debutant is looking for.

At Juan Carlo, planning your debut party will be easier with us! We know that debut is what every girl is looking forward to. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it should be cherished with detailed planning, preparations, and the best catering services. 

We can turn every girl’s debut party dream into reality with our bespoke approach that has satisfied many high-profile Filipina actresses like Kathryn Bernardo, Janella Salvador, and more on their debut day after partnering with the Juan Carlo team.

Don’t hesitate to send Juan Carlo a message today so we can talk about your birthday party theme, its date, and the services you’d like to get from us.


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