13 Napkin Folding Ideas for Corporate Catering

January 25, 2016

What are great napkin folding ideas for corporate events?

  1. Lotus Napkin Folds
  2. Modern Napkin Fold
  3. Rose Napkin Folds
  4. Napkin Pockets
  5. Stemware Folds
  6. Envelope Folds
  7. Spear Napkin Folds
  8. Four-feather Napkin Folds
  9. Lily Goblet Napkin Folds
  10. Open Book Napkin Folds
  11. Slide Napkin Folds
  12. Necktie Napkin Folds
  13. Double-roll Napkin Folds

Being huge factor in creating the aura of a dining event, table napkins is one of the most treasured gems of corporate catering and cuisine. In fact, napkin table folding is an art that many catering services try to master. Simple as they are, nicely folded napkins add an elegant appeal to the overall aesthetic look of a table. For many, it is neglected because they deem it to be a mundane décor; the top catering businesses know better.

Whether it is for a corporate event or otherwise, it is still considered to be an important aspect or element in a catering service. For some insights on the most go-to or preferred style of napkin folding, here’s a quick list:


Lotus Napkin Fold

Image from Food.com
Image from Food.com

The lotus napkin fold is also known as the water lily or the artichoke. Since the design leaves a space in the center it gives you the opportunity to place something there like a card or dinner roll. Remember to use pressed linen or cotton napkins when trying to do this fold.

Modern Napkin Fold

Image from MarthasStewart.com
Image from MarthasStewart.com

This elegant and striking contemporary napkin folds will definitely please any eyes that will set upon it. They’re one of the easiest to make and the most fun as well. By simply rolling to napkins together atop a diamond placed, one can create that simple yet fabulous and classy design.

Rose Napkin Fold 

Image from therosemaryhouse.blogspot.com/
Image from therosemaryhouse.blogspot.com

There are some napkin folds that make you feel guilty for undoing due to its sheer beauty. The rose napkin fold is one of those. True to its name, the intricate aesthetics of this fold imitates a rose. Many caterers adore this napkin fold because they are a nice, fresh addition to the visuals of a romantic theme.

Basic Napkin Fold

Image from stltoday.com
Image from stltoday.com

When hiring catering services, every detail is given the most delicate and meticulous touch. So, don’t be surprised if your silverware is draped or tucked neatly into napkin pockets; caterers to do this to add a touch of sophistication. It can also be a gentle reminder for you to mind your table etiquette.

Accordion Napkin Fold

Image from eBay
Image from eBay

More popularly known as the stemware folds, a napkin in an accordion fold is an artful accent to any holiday table; it gives off that festive mood. Doing this is as easy as folding the pleats in half, then fanning out the top pleats of the napkin. They’re perfect for special occasions like Christmas, New Year, and even Valentine’s Day.

Envelope Napkin Fold

A napkin in an envelope fold complements any corporate event perfectly because it is classic and easy to unfold. In order to achieve its best form, it is recommended to use cotton and linen dinner napkins that have been thoroughly ironed. Plus, it only takes a few folds and it’s good to go.

Spear Napkin Fold

If a simple yet elegant accessory is preferred to truly emphasize the event’s theme, then a spear napkin fold can deliver that statement to the guests. With its powerful, intricate details, the guests will definitely have a hard time looking away.

Four-Feather Napkin Fold

Given that there could be plenty of guests, it’s crucial to make a table look less crowded. For this matter, your catering service may make use of a four-feather napkin fold to maximize the space, while emphasizing a professional accent. This napkin fold works best when lightly pressed and placed upright in a glass.

Lily Goblet Napkin Fold

A stiff or slightly starched napkin can make a lily goblet napkin fold possible. One must make use of the accordion fold to start. Afterwards, while keeping the open ends at the top, it must be folded in two and then it can be tucked it into a glass – preferably a wine glass to make a classic yet professional statement. For the final touch, the loose corners can be distributed evenly by gently pulling them apart.

Open-Book Napkin Fold

If aiming to include a business card or the event program into the table setup without taking in too much space, then this napkin fold is the best choice to go for. With a plain edge and nicely bordered napkin, this simple yet easy open book napkin fold can be done.

Slide Napkin Fold

For something fancy, but not too complex, the slide napkin fold makes a reasonable option. This fold does not require too much attention yet creates an interesting vibe in a table set up. With a clean execution of the folds and a napkin of stiff material, a perfect form of the slide napkin folds can be created.

Necktie Napkin Fold

If the audiences are all men – such as for a Father’s Day event – this specific napkin fold can do the work for you. You just need to use a masculine colored napkin; preferably a plain one to maintain a professional vibe. Thus, this must be folded into a necktie with the utensils tucked in it. With this setup, the guests will feel like that they are being celebrated.

Double-Roll Napkin Fold

For an Asian-themed event, your catering service can make use of a double roll napkin fold technique. It just needs a few folds and rolls here and there with the utensils on top of it to finish the look you’re aiming for.

Key Takeaway

Napkin folding is an art that everyone should learn to appreciate. The next time you have a meal and find your napkin folded in a unique manner, take a moment to admire the craftsmanship. Notice how it affects the overall ambiance of your table. You may even try to replicate it at home for special meals or to level up your dinner parties. Also check out other types of napkin folds to find more that you like and want to learn how to make. If all else fails, just make a request from your caterer on your next event.


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