10 Uniquely Australian Desserts

July 26, 2017

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What are unique Australian desserts?

  1. Lamingtons
  2. Fairy Bread
  3. Pavlova
  4. Tim Tam
  5. Mint Slice
  6. Chocolate Crackle
  7. Caramel Slice
  8. Vegemite
  9. Jelly Slice
  10. Anzac Biscuits

One of the best things about connecting the world through the internet is the ability to discover other cultures and their practices with a click of the mouse. With just a few clicks, you will quickly discover that people all over the world eat different kinds of foods in several different ways. From a food festival in Europe to an event with catering in Manila; no two countries enjoy delicious food the same way.

Food is also closely tied with a country’s past because it too is a reflection of its growth and development. In connection with this, a country with a fascinating history is that of Australia. While they may be known for their gorgeous summer destinations, their cuisine should also be etched into your memory; most especially their desserts. There’s nothing as deliciously sweet as a treat from Australia.

From early Australian food to English inspired dishes, here are a few examples of traditional Australian treats:


A lamington is a delicious treat that is described as a sugary sponge cake coated with chocolate and shaved coconut. With a description like that, who wouldn’t want to grab a bite of this?  Sometimes this is served with cream sandwiched in the middle. This variation provides a delicious contrast that compliments the chocolate over cream taste. This is what lamingtons are known for.

Fairy Bread

Among the simpler treats on this list is Fairy Bread which is a snack that many kids enjoy. Essentially, it is white bread – or even American bread – covered with candy sprinkles and coated with butter. This is a tasty treat and is definitely delicious but it should be consumed in moderation as it is high in sugar and lacking in nutritional value.

australian pavlova juan carlo


Pavlova is a dessert based on meringue. It has a crispy crust that houses a soft and creamy inside. What makes this cake unique is that it is topped with cuts of fresh fruit that complements the creamy taste of the meringue with a tangy goodness. Chill this treat to enjoy it at its best.

Tim Tam

Tim Tams are famous treats that were originally popularized in Australia. These are chocolate cookies with chocolate filling that’s coated by, you guessed it, chocolate. It’s no wonder why this triple threat chocolate combo is enjoyed by kids. While they enjoy its deliciousness, their parents rejoice because it’s affordable. However, like fairy bread, consumption of Tim Tams is sinful so consuming them in moderation is recommended.

Mint Slice

Like Tim Tams, Mint Slice is a famous Australian treat that’s often eaten for dessert. What makes this treat memorable is the minty aftertaste it leaves after enjoying the chocolate coated cookie inside.

Chocolate Crackle

There’s nothing more sought-for than any dessert related to chocolate. But chocolate with added crunch to it? Even better! That’s exactly what you get with Chocolate Crackle.

Eating this is a great way of satisfying your craving for both chocolate and cereal. You get both of them in one dessert instead of having to look for them separately. It’s convenient as it is tasty.

Caramel Slice

Everyone knows that caramel and chocolate are great when paired up. So, why not bake them together to create a spectacular treat that is sure to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Best served cold, caramel slices are the perfect dessert if ever you crave for something sweet and refreshing at the same time. It’s perfect for any occasion and missing out on this treat would be considered a travesty for fellow sugar enthusiasts.


While this may be an unorthodox choice of food to make it to this list, this spread can contribute to the creation of some of the best desserts. Whether it be cake, ice cream, or any other pastry in mind, this handy little ingredient is sure to be your go-to additive.

In fact, not only does this heighten your dessert experience, but this also makes a great addition to your breakfast roster. No matter how intense their flavor may be, there’s no denying that this sweet and sugary spread will amplify any treat.

Jelly Slice

This dessert is a more interesting spin on your classic cake slice. It is made by adding some custard, getting something to serve as the base and crust, and topping it off with your favorite choice of flavored jelly.

This dessert has a unique taste that keeps in touch with the sweetness of custard and the tartness of the fruit. This flavor combination will surely make you devour the entire thing at once and quickly yearn for more.

Anzac Biscuit

If you’re looking for a more classic Australian treat, then this treat is for you. Even though Anzac biscuits were made during the First World War, it is one of those treats that stood the test of time.

The golden texture of this treat is enough to entice anyone to take a big bite of it. But the great thing about it is that it can be paired with other desserts. Whether you choose to add it to your ice cream, cake, or even have it topped with some whipped cream or custard, you can never go wrong with this indulgence. Just remember not to eat too much though as you would want to save some room for more desserts.

Key Takeaway


While this may be a lot, there are a lot of other desserts from Australia that you should give a try such as the Iced VoVo and the Golden Gaytime. After tasting these, you are sure always be left craving for a bite.

Indeed, there are many more unique Australian desserts that are available on the market even here in the Philippines. What make these treats unique is their taste as well as the enjoyment that they bring with each and every bite that these sweet treats offer.


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