The Do’s and Dont’s For A Beach Wedding

22nd July 2016


As we all know, planning a wedding requires meticulous efforts and an acute attention to detail. That’s because it covers a lot: consulting an event planner or manager, hiring a wedding catering service, fitting suits and dresses, holding a reception area, and renting a venue to have your wedding location are only some of the major requirements in any wedding. That’s in the traditional sense. For those looking to shake it up a bit, why not try holding a beach wedding instead?

The following are some of the do’s and don’ts should you ever decide to do so:

Beach Location

Thankfully, there are a lot of beautiful and breath-taking beaches right here in the Philippines so there’s no need to go very far. While the beaches in question may be (understandably) quite a distance from the city, the view and the unique location will definitely be worth the ride. Traditionally, beach weddings are held in venues with available resorts or cottages so the amenities of normal, urban life are still present but now, it comes with the majesty of nature’s waters.

The Do’s:

  • Set the perfect theme – one that doesn’t require too much dressing up. A beach wedding should have a light and chill design to match the general “free” aura of the outdoors. Outfits should also be compromised: no heels, no long dresses or gowns, nothing too thick, and definitely no heels.
  • Wear sunblock and insect repellent. The outdoors are still the outdoors, after all.
  • Check legal matters like permits before having a wedding in the chosen beach because some beaches do not allow for wedding events.
  • Ensure comfort for everyone – depending on the place and time, beach weddings can get quite hot. Make sure that refreshments and cooling items such as fans are readily available.
  • Privacy – beach weddings are best when held during lulls in tourism peaks.

The Don’ts:

  • Delicate designs and weak furniture are definitely not allowed. Remember that these wll be exposed to the outdoors, so make sure that they can withstand a bit of wear and tear.
  • Never plan a beach wedding on an extremely sunny day or from 8 AM to 2 PM because the sun shines bright on those durations. The photographer might struggle in taking photos of the wedding due to the sunlight, and your guests may sweat too much or also hurt their eyes.
  • For the lovely brides, try not to wear a lengthy veil because of the wind. The bride, at all costs, must remain picturesque and gorgeous; nobody wants to see a “messily veiled bride” right?
  • Don’t plan a wedding  during the rainy season.


Settle Everything

After knowing about all the pros and cons of a beach wedding, you’ll practically be prepared already in order to get that dream beach wedding you’ve been waiting for. Make sure you’ll have everything in check, and why not try to get a checklist to keep in track of what you need?

Convinced to have a wedding in a beach? Just be ready to prepare all the requirements and necessities for a perfect wedding. If you’re in need of a wedding catering company, contact Juan Carlo today to give you an impeccable and extraordinary wedding experience.

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